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Money Matters: 10 Netflix Movies On How To Create Wealth!

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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It’s not surprising that films examining the complex dance of riches, power, and ambition have piqued our interest in a society where money is the basis of everything. These 10 films are perfect for you if you find yourself captivated by tales of business scheming, risky bets, and the search for the illusive dollar. This carefully picked list will immerse you in the intricate and alluring world of financial intrigue, from Wall Street wolves to masterminds of heists. 

1. Dirty Money, 2018 

An eye-opening exposé of corporate greed, financial fraud, and ethical corruption that plagues businesses around the world is revealed in “Dirty Money,” a 2018 documentary series on Netflix. The series dives into high-profile scandals involving significant companies and individuals over the course of six riveting episodes, illuminating their complicated web of dishonesty and the destructive effects they had on society. “Dirty Money” reveals the seedy side of unrestrained capitalism with thorough research and gripping storytelling, making viewers wonder about the morality of money and power. This series is a sobering reminder that pursuing wealth frequently comes at a huge cost to morality and the greater good.

2. Living on One Dollar, 2013

The intriguing documentary “Living on One Dollar,” which was produced in 2013, immerses viewers in the difficult reality of extreme poverty. The movie, which is based in a small community in Guatemala, follows four friends as they seek to live on just one dollar each day as part of a social experiment. The documentary provides a moving look into the lives of those who are frequently ignored by society by highlighting the daily hardships people have in finding food, clean water, and other essentials via their own experiences. This eye-opening voyage inspires thought and empathy among audiences everywhere by serving as a potent reminder of the fortitude and resilience that people demonstrate in the face of hardship.

3. Dog by Dog, 2015

The essential documentary “Dog by Dog” (2015) exposes the disturbing truth of the lucrative dog breeding industry. This movie provides light on the commercialization of animals and the financial incentives that frequently result in animal cruelty if you have an interest in financial matters. It serves as a sobering reminder that selfish financial motives occasionally compromise morality and have terrible repercussions for the defenseless. “Dog by Dog” is a thought-provoking addition to your watch list since it provides insights into the meeting point of business and compassion and challenges viewers to weigh the true costs of unbridled profit-seeking.

4. Schooled: The Price of College Sports, 2013

This film sheds light on how college athletics are funded, revealing the enormous profits made by institutions even as many athletes struggle to make ends meet. It reveals the brutal truth of the NCAA’s revenue-driven business model and the moral and financial struggles student-athletes endure. This enlightening movie challenges viewers to consider the importance of amateurism and the true cost of sports-related money-making with a sharp focus on economic inequality. “Schooled” is a wise pick for learning more about the complex relationships between money, sports, and education.

5. Chelsea Does Marriage, 2016

The 2016 film “Chelsea Does Marriage” explores the financial mechanics of partnerships with a novel spin on the money issue. The documentary series by comedian Chelsea Handler explores the institution of marriage and sheds light on its financial ramifications, from wedding costs to divorce settlements. Even though it isn’t specifically about money, it illustrates the financial trade-offs and challenges that come with partnerships. For individuals who are interested in the intersection of relationships and finances, this thought-provoking series provides a fresh perspective on how money affects our lives.

6. The True Cost, 2015

A fascinating documentary that explores the hidden intricacies of the fast fashion industry is “The True Cost” (2015). Despite not directly addressing wealth accumulation, this movie examines the frequently overlooked costs of our consumerist culture. It educates viewers about the moral, environmental, and social effects of the production of inexpensive apparel and challenges them to consider the true cost of their choices. This documentary asks us to reconsider our relationship with money and how it affects our decisions in a world that is driven by profit. If you’re curious about the more profound effects of our spending patterns, “The True Cost” is a thought-provoking addition to your watchlist.

7. The Money Pit, 1986

Money fans should watch “The Money Pit” (1986). This hilarious gem is on a couple who buys their ideal house only to find it to be a crumbling wreck. The couple’s financial situation humorously escalates out of control as they pump money into renovations. This movie offers both humorous entertainment and a warning on the price of home ownership with its familiar themes of unplanned spending and financial difficulties. The movie “The Money Pit” is hilarious and full of financial blunders.

8. Planet Fifa, 2016

For those who enjoy learning about money, “Planet FIFA,” a documentary that was produced in 2016, is a must-watch. The FIFA, which oversees international football, is examined in detail in this exposé for its enormous resources and power struggles. The movie exposes a network of bribery, financial manipulation, and corruption and brings to light the enormous funds needed to plan the most-watched sport in the world. Planet FIFA’ provides a fascinating look at the nexus between money and sports with startling insights into the financial drivers behind decisions that define the global football landscape. This documentary is a revelatory eye-opener for people who are interested in large-scale financial maneuvers.

9. The Pit, 2009

This gripping drama depicts the highs and lows of stock trading as it digs into the fascinating world of finance. The story revolves around a young trader who finds a novel approach to forecast changes in the stock market. The protagonist maneuvers through a labyrinth of intrigue and moral quandaries as greed and ambition collide. Anyone who is interested in the relationships between wealth and power will find “The Pit” to be a compelling movie experience thanks to its intriguing plot and examination of the financial world.

10. Goldman Sachs: The Bank That Runs The World, 2012 

Intriguing documentary “Goldman Sachs: The Bank That Runs The World” explores the power and influence of the important financial firm on the national and international economy. Even though they are not offered on Netflix, viewers interested in money and its dynamics could like other films like “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which provides a look into the world of high-stakes trading, or “The Big Short,” which depicts the 2008 financial catastrophe. Another interesting option that delves into the nuances of the financial industry is “Inside Job.” These films are a must-watch for anyone who finds the complex interaction of money to be fascinating since they offer entertaining insights into the world of finance.


These ten films offer an engrossing overview of the complex world of money. They dive into the minds of both individuals who masterfully negotiate financial mazes and those who find themselves in the crosshairs of their own wants. No matter if it’s the high-stakes drama of Dirty Money,” the suspenseful heists of “Chelsea Does Marriage,” or the unabashed ambition of “Planet Fifa,” these films provide a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of financial endeavors. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be delighted and educated by these fascinating stories on the allure of money and its effects.

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