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17 Must Visit Places In Bali In 2023

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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The Indonesian island of Bali, sometimes known as the “Island of Gods,” is a tourist destination that hardly requires an introduction. Tourists flock to this southeast destination more than any other. This destination offers something for everyone from breathtaking landscapes to verdant Balinese gardens, from towering rice fields to sacred temples, and from exhilarating outdoor pursuits to soothing spa treatments. There is so much more to Bali than its beaches. The small streets, bustling marketplaces, and unique Balinese culture make this a destination with almost limitless possibilities. Bali’s scenic beauty is abundant despite the commotion of the island’s most popular tourist destinations. Bali is the ultimate vacation spot for every traveller. Come with me to Bali’s 17 most magical attractions.

1. Nusa Penida

The Indonesian island of Bali is surrounded by three smaller islands, the largest of which is called Nusa Penida. Kelingking Beach, the area’s primary draw, has seen a surge in popularity because of the proliferation of photo-sharing platforms. Nusa Penida has saved the Bali Starling from extinction because of the effort of villagers who have made it an unofficial bird sanctuary for endangered Balinese and Indonesian bird species.

Nusa Penida attracts many visitors looking for a peaceful getaway where they may enjoy the outdoors and the warmth of the locals. Large pelagic species like Manta Rays and Oceanic sunfish (and maybe even a whale shark) make this site one of the region’s most incredible scuba diving locations.

2. Nusa Lembongan

You couldn’t pick a better spot to stay in Bali. From Sanur in Bali, you can reach the island in 25 minutes by boat. It’s a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main island of Bali and enjoy some peace. The Nusa Islands, which include Bali’s neighboring islands of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida, is an ideal destination for anyone looking to spend their whole holiday away from the mainland.

3. Trunyan village

The historic Bali Aga (original Balinese) town of Trunyan may be found in the mountains, and it is here that you can experience something ghastly. To settle on the eastern side of Batur Lake, travellers typically take a boat across the lake. The residents of Trunyan don’t cremate or bury their dead, in contrast to the rest of Balinese Hinduism, who are noted for their elaborate cremation rites.

Instead, the bodies are wrapped and transported to the community cemetery by boat. A wooden cage covers and protects the bones from foraging animals as they lie in the ground around a vast, old, scented tree. Trunyan got its name from the taru minyan tree, which can only be found in this town. Many people find it strange that there is no stench from the decaying remains, but locals attribute this to the tree’s myrrh-like aroma. 

4. Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah, as one of Bali’s holiest sites, is likely not a well-guarded secret. A spectacular Balinese Hindu temple complex, built around a cave entrance inhabited by bats, is an unusual sight to behold at any time of day. The 11th-century temple is a common destination on Candidasa trips. While they’re hunting for insects in the air at nightfall, swarms of nectar bats may be seen flying all about the temple.

Pilgrims dressed in traditional garb and toting brightly colored parasols and banners transform the landscape of Goa Lawah into something out of a fantasy during the annual Piodalan temple celebrations.

5. Besakih Temple

Pura Besakih is tBali’slargest and holiest Hindu temple complex, and has been worshipped there for over a thousand years.

Pura Besakih is the spiritual centre of the Balinese people and is located in a stunning setting on the southern slopes of Mount Agung at a height of 1,000 metres. The largest is Pura Penataran Agung.

Rice paddies and trees surround this temple complex; if you’re lucky, you can catch one of the many major festivals here.

You should allot around three hours to explore the temples. You should also dress for comfort, as you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing stairs.

6. Goa Peteng

Visit the amazing natural limestone sinkhole of Goa Peteng, situated just outside the AYANA Resort and Spa in Jimbaran, and descend into the depths of the island’s underworld. In the local language, Goa Peteng means “dark cave,” and it is located on land that Pak Ketjuh and his son Nyoman Suparka use for farming.

The entrance to the cave is guarded by a massive banyan tree, complete with a shrine, and there is very little natural light until you get inside. The vines have grown further into the cracks and crevices, beyond the confined areas of the cave.

7. Kuta beach

The famed stretch of sand, along with Legian and Seminyak Beaches to the north, is one of the most exciting spots to visit in Bali, despite the crowds and the constant hawkers. Spend a day here whether you’re a beginning surfer or if you just want to take in the scenery.

The beach is lined with shops and restaurants, so you can arrange a surf lesson or rent a surfboard, boogie board, sun lounger, or umbrella without leaving the sand. The beach sellers may be avoided with a simple “no thank you,” but an ice cold coconut gushing with juice delivered to your sun lounger is a welcome sight on a hot day.

8. Lempuyang Temple Complex

In case you’ve ever seen the viral photo of the crowd posing before the Gates of Heaven and wondered where it was taken, the answer is Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang. One of several temples dotting the slopes of Mount Lempuyang, this one is commonly referred to as “Lempuyang Temple” (Pura Lempuyang). Visitors take pictures of themselves in front of the ethereal Mount Agung, framed by the soaring dragon staircases.

The Valley of the Sidemen

The lush Sidemen Valley, located about 90 minutes northeast of Ubud, is reminiscent of Old Bali, before the hordes of tourists landed on the island. There are quiet settlements nestled in the valley among the rice paddies, while in the distance, Mount Agung stands guard in the clouds.

Exploring the local communities on foot is a must while here. Surrounded by farms and rice paddies, here is where villagers still tend to their traditional pursuits. Trek through rice fields and the verdant countryside past cocoa and coffee farms, or walk to the peak of Mount Agung via the countryside.

10. Wanagiri Hidden Hills Lookout

Recent social media posts about vacationers’ adventures have featured this hidden gem. Because of this, the area is commonly referred to as the “Selfie Peak Region.” A big bird’s nest and swings are two of the most photogenic features of this location, making it one of the top Bali tourist spots for couples. Take your special someone here before sundown for an unforgettable sunset view from the top of the hill. You should take several photographs when visiting Wanagiri Hills since the scenery is worthy of a postcard.

11. Sekumpul Waterfall

Many people in Bali regard Sekumpul Waterfall as the island’s most breathtaking natural attraction. Approximately seven waterfalls, which cascade like long foggy veils over the edge of a beautiful, jungle-clad cliff, make up this hidden tourist destination in the Singaraja district, some 66 kilometres north of Ubud.

Be aware that locals may try to extort astronomical entry and parking fees from you if you drive yourself here. If you want to avoid getting stuck at one of these checkpoints, hiring a local guide who knows the way to the falls is a must.

12. Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary is another Bali tourist destination known for its abundance of sociable macaques. More than 600 Balinese long-tailed monkeys call this site, Sacred Monkey Forest, home. Monkeys may be seen scurrying around on the ground and swinging from the trees throughout the several trails found throughout the Sanctuary. The Ubud Monkey Forest was created to symbolise the coexistence of people and monkeys. There are more than 186 different tree species in this forest. The majority of tourists that come to Bali go to the Ubud Monkey Forest.

13. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

numerous tourists now visit Bali specifically to see its numerous breathtaking waterfalls. Banyumala Twin Waterfall is one of the cleanest examples of nature since visitors rarely see it. Although the waterfall is more complex to locate, the journey to it is well worth it thanks to the beautiful scenery along the way, including streams, rivers, and mountains. While in Bali, stop by Banyumala Twin Waterfall for some peaceful time in nature.

14. Seminyak

Seminyak, a prominent tourist destination, is located on the southwest coast of Bali. Seminyak is a well-known tourist destination on the island of Bali due to its fantastic nightlife and shopping. Seminyak is known for its high-end shopping, trendy hotels, and delicious restaurants. Beautiful parties, surfing, beach time, and beer are all great ways to spend time on their own. Seminyak is an easily recognizable hotspot for vacationers.

15. UluWatu Temple

Surfers of all ability levels go to the exciting coastline of Uluwatu, a famous surfing location in Bali. Uluwatu may be found close to Bukit’s southwestern tip. Five world-class surf breaks make up the waves, and the Indian Ocean vistas from the hotels and restaurants are breathtaking. The Pura Luru Uluwatu temple is a must-see when in the area.

Uluwatu is a small yet exciting beach strip on the southwestern tip of Bukit in Bali, frequented by surfers of varying experience levels. The name Uluwatu combines the words “ulu,” meaning “Land’s End,” and “Watu,” meaning “rock.” There are five world-class surf breakers here, and the Indian Ocean vistas from nearby hotels and restaurants are breathtaking.

16. Mount Balur

Mount Batur is located in one of Bali’s most spectacular natural settings, yet it is not the island’s highest point. The 1,717-metre (5,633-foot) summit is the dominant feature of Bali’s northeastern region, and it is a sometimes-active volcano with four craters, a lake, and many towns.

Mount Batur is a favourite destination for dawn hikers. Anyone in reasonably good shape may make the ascent in around two hours. One of Bali’s nine major Hindu temples, Pura Ulun Danu Batur, can be found atop Mount Batur, drawing even more sightseers.

17. Waterbom Park

There are few places in Bali where the whole family can go and have a good time, like the Waterbom park. This Waterpark certainly fits the bill. You can have a great time at this waterpark no matter your age because it features rides and activities suitable for visitors of all demographics.

These Incredible Destinations In Bali Cannot Be Missed!

Bali, a small island off Indonesia’s coast, is home to forests, hills, active volcanoes, and some of the country’s most incredible beaches. On this exotic island, you’re sure to discover your ideal match. The island of Bali has a wealth of exciting sights because of its diverse history and vibrant culture. However, it is also an entirely constructed, state-of-the-art beach resort with all the amenities of a first-rate hotel. The highlighted areas above represent some of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations.

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