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5 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps – View Instagram Account Without Human Verification

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Is there a valid reason to check out someone else’s Instagram feed? This is how a password-protected Instagram viewer app operates. Protecting yourself and your loved ones while you go about your day is easy with these background programs.

You may feel the urge to keep tabs on a loved one if a stranger has preyed on your youngster or your spouse receives communications from a secret admirer. Perhaps you, too, place a higher value on personal discretion. You don’t have to be a control freak to care deeply about your loved ones and do everything you can to keep them safe.

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, keep tabs on what they’re up to on social media. Do they require knowledge? In most cases, no. Whether or whether you let them know you’re keeping tabs on their Instagram account is totally up to you.

However, secrecy in your spying efforts may be warranted if you care about their safety. However, if you want to learn more about private Instagram viewer apps that don’t necessitate completing surveys, keep reading!

Top Instagram Private Account Viewer Of 2023

  1. Glassagram – Best Overall Private Instagram Viewer, Editor’s Pick
  2. Umobix – Popular Instagram Profile Viewer  Without Human Verification
  3. Mspy – Best For Viewing Private Accounts Anonymously
  4. Eyezy – Recommended Site To View Instagram Without Account
  5. Inflact – Best For Discovering Profiles On Instagram Without Login

#1. Glassagram – Best Overall Private Instagram Viewer, Editor’s Pick

Glassagram is perfect if you’re looking for a private Instagram viewer program that can access and monitor any Instagram profile or account. You may browse Instagram stories without them knowing, follow someone’s Instagram videos without them knowing, read someone’s DMs without them knowing, and monitor a user’s likes and views, just to name a few of its well-designed features. The Glassagram app makes gaining unrestricted access to any Instagram account easily in a flash. You won’t be identified.


  • Ability to choose between public and private viewing modes to restrict access to content to a select group of followers. 
  • Secure Password Protection – to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. 
  • Individuals’ Instagram login screens may now be personalized with their own images and layouts. 
  • You may receive alerts about new comments, likes, and other activity on your profile. 


  • Glassagram’s UI was built with the user in mind, so navigating the app is a breeze. 
  • Protecting the privacy of its users, Glassagram conceals their identities as they browse and share content on Instagram. 
  • Glassagram is an inexpensive way to keep your Instagram account private so you can use its features without worrying about prying eyes. 
  • Glassagram’s viewing controls may be adjusted to meet the preferences and needs of each user. 


  • There is no simple method for making money from the media. 

#2. Umobix – Popular Instagram Profile Viewer  Without Human Verification

The firm website describes uMobix as a cell phone and Instagram tracker for parents. Before subscribing, please view the site demo and try it.  This program tracks your loved one’s phone using GPS, a keylogger, social media, calls, texts, and images.  uMobix lets you access private Instagram profiles quickly and easily. 

This tracks, monitors, and manages your child’s phone and accounts on iOS and Android. You can block material. This private Instagram viewer app is in the top three since it’s straightforward to set up and provides many subscription rates. After choosing, you install, configure, and start monitoring, tracking, and managing your loved one’s Instagram accounts, including those you can’t access.


  • Direct chatting: uMobix allows direct chatting with people or groups. 
  • Cloud-Based Storage: User-added material will be safely saved in the cloud for convenient access. 
  • Activity History Tracking: Provides thorough information into Instagram account usage. 
  • Automated Push Notifications: Remind Instagram users of ignored behaviors. 


  • 24/7 Support: They support consumers 24/7. 
  • User-friendly: uMobix has a simple and straightforward UI. 
  • Affordable prices and a free trial make uMobix accessible to everyone. 
  • Several account access: They make it easy to follow several private Instagram accounts. 


  • Adverts – Free viewers with plenty of adverts are hard to use. 

#3. Mspy – Best For Viewing Private Accounts Anonymously

The sheer name of the mSpy programme, which allows users to secretly check Instagram, gives it away. The function of this software is very clear. The app is easy to use and can access private Instagram accounts and Stories. It’s a covert operation. It’s a private Instagram viewer without human verification tools.

This service is fantastic for keeping tabs on the Instagram activity of your children or other loved ones. Who exactly are they talking to? To whom are they being contacted? Can you describe the photos they post? What exactly are they saying? You should know what will help you keep kids safe, of course.

Whether on intent or by mistake, you can discover that your kid is checking out inappropriate content on YouTube or Instagram. This doesn’t make you a dictator. It’s possible to take care of someone without becoming overbearing. For the sake of the children, there must be limits set. 

You may listen in on their phone conversations and read their text messages while keeping tabs on their Instagram account(s). You can use this app without human verification or completing any questionnaires. This software service is straightforward yet effective, making it ideal for new users.


  • Make Reports: Generate in-depth reports on mSpy’s actions with no effort, providing instant access to critical information. 
  • With mSpy’s private Instagram reader, you can read and record everything in a target’s direct messages. 
  • You may manage who has access to your target’s Instagram account and decide whether to block or unblock them. 
  • You may have Instagram send you a notification whenever a certain keyword is mentioned on the platform. 


  • mSpy’s customer care line is open around the clock, so you may call anytime for help. 
  • Use any device with an internet connection to access the app’s data and functions instantly. 
  • Control from afar: With mSpy, parents and guardians may monitor their children’s online activity and take appropriate measures if necessary. 
  • For the safety of your children or other private viewers, you may utilize mSpy to impose viewing limits depending on age or content. 


  • The price of using mSpy to access a locked Instagram account might be rather high. 

#4. Eyezy – Recommended Site To View Instagram Without Account

EyeZy is a cutting-edge phone tracker that uses AI to monitor a fleet of mobile devices simultaneously. Artificial intelligence is used to enhance their espionage powers, allowing them to provide you with more precise reports. EyeZy’s superior tracking features will ensure that you don’t miss a thing. EyeZy allows you to monitor the location of the target phone and its text messages, phone calls, web surfing, and app usage (including Instagram).

Our evaluation of EyeZy indicates that the app is reasonably priced. Employees, parents, and those who want to keep tabs on ex-spouses are just some clients who may utilize this technology. Because of their wide range of compatibility, working with them is a breeze.


  • Instagram makes it simple to manage several profiles by allowing users to swiftly and easily move between them. 
  • Safe and sound Instagram viewing is guaranteed with EyeZy’s private browsing mode. 
  • EyeZy‘s platform has a responsive design, meaning it will look fantastic and function flawlessly on any device. 
  • Access is restricted to approved users; only those with the proper authorization can see posts from other users’ private Instagram accounts. 


  • EyeZy’s ad-free viewing experience means users may enjoy Instagram without the interruption of annoying advertisements. This is one of the best private Instagram viewer.
  • EyeZy’s mobile apps, available for Android and iOS, make it easy for users to access their accounts and customize their preferences from anywhere. 
  • EyeZy supports several different languages. These languages include but are not limited to English, Spanish, French, and more. 
  • Cost nothing: eyeZy’s user-friendly website doesn’t charge a dime for its services. 


  • EyeZy’s customer support could be faster to respond, making receiving answers to your queries easier.

#5. Inflact – Best For Discovering Profiles On Instagram Without Login

Inflact is a third-party app that claims to allow users to view private Instagram accounts without following them. Here are some of the app’s key features, pros, and cons:


  • Inflact uses a loophole in Instagram’s API to bypass the platform’s privacy settings and access the content of private accounts.
  • The app claims to be fast and easy to use, allowing users to view private profiles in seconds.
  • Inflact also offers a range of other Instagram-related tools, including an Instagram bot and hashtag generator.


  • Quickly and easily check out private Instagram profiles without having to follow them using Inflact.
  • The app’s other tools, such as the Instagram bot and hashtag generator, may be useful for users looking to grow their Instagram presence.
  • Inflact offers a free trial period, allowing users to test the app before committing to a paid subscription.


  • Using third-party apps like Inflact violates Instagram’s terms of service, and can result in the user’s account being suspended or banned.
  • Potential security risks are associated with using third-party apps, such as the possibility of personal information or login credentials being stolen.
  • Inflact may only sometimes work reliably, as its ability to bypass Instagram’s privacy settings is dependent on Instagram’s API, which can change at any time.

What is an Instagram private account viewer? 

To access the contents of a private Instagram account, you will need a private Instagram viewer.   You may use this sort of tool when you want to see the Instagram posts of a user or company that you aren’t currently following.  

In essence, it unlocks previously inaccessible premium material for your viewing pleasure.  A private Instagram viewer helps stay abreast of trends and research certain topics.  It’s also a great tool for finding certain content across many accounts.  If you’re interested in learning something new or delving into material that you would need access to in any other way, this tool is a great resource.

Steps To View Private Instagram

#1 Use a 3rd Party Instagram Viewer App

Several different Instagram viewer apps are available, enabling users to access private accounts. There are paid and free alternatives for those wanting to see private content on Instagram. 

#2 Send a Follow Request to the Private Account 

People want to keep their Instagram accounts private for various reasons, but there are situations in which it would be appropriate to view a private account. They’d prefer that only their close friends and family view their posts.

Therefore, sending a follow request and accepting it is the only true white hat method. Your follow request may take a few days to approve depending on how regularly the account is checked. 

If the creator you want to follow ignores your request, you can always DM (direct contact) them to get on their radar and have your follow request accepted.

Remember that this is the only method that will “unlock” a private Instagram account without risking a ban from the service.

#3 Do a Google Search of the Profile’s Handle

Here’s how to use Google to access posts from hidden Instagram accounts. 

Google stores information on the content of Instagram accounts, including the URL of the Instagram website, so searching for a user’s handle returns results from their profile.

However, only posts made while the account was public will be viewable. However, as Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, there are better ways to track one down than this one. 

This is one of the more convenient methods of accessing otherwise restricted content on Instagram. Google is the best place to start when looking for information about any type of Instagram account. 

The final two suggestions are really uncool and can get your Instagram account deleted. 

#4 Create A Fake Account

The territory of “kind of creepy” methods for viewing private Instagram profiles is now in sight. This is unethical at best and violates the rules of most social media sites, including Instagram.

Internet “experts” agree that pretending to be a woman greatly improves your chances of accepting your false account, as opposed to pretending to be a guy. 

#5 Create a disguised account posing as someone the Creator Knows

This method is not only forbidden by the TOS but also disturbing. This is a technique I’m disclosing just for detail. Only do this if you have a good reason to (such as discovering proof of a crime). 

This is the absolute last resort for viewing a private Instagram account.

The procedure is straightforward. You track down a contact of the profiles, create a fake account in their likeness, and then submit a follow request, just as in step one.

You can do this by following them on many social media platforms and identifying a common contact, such as on Facebook. 

How We Made The List Of Best Private Instagram Viewer?

When compiling our list, we took great care only to include relevant items. When compiling our top picks for private Instagram viewers, we made sure to prioritize several different factors.  

We made a list based on the following criteria: 

Safety: We looked at how each app kept users’ data safe. For this reason, we sought signed programs that made use of robust security protocols like HTTPS and others.  

Feature-wise, we scoured Instagram for options that would give consumers more feed management. For instance, we looked for options to hide or ban specific people or photographs. Additionally, we searched for one-of-a-kind capabilities, such as restricting who sees your Instagram stories or videos. 

For this reason, we decided to make our application’s price list publicly available. We scoured the app store for tools that provided freemium and premium options and volume pricing reductions. We also picked relatively inexpensive applications, considering what they could do. 

Support for Customers: We prioritized applications with positive ratings and active support communities. We prioritized apps with developers readily available to address user concerns and comments. We looked at user feedback from a variety of sources as well. 

Using this criterion, we compiled a great list of Instagram viewers that can facilitate the secure and hassle-free administration of individual Instagram profiles. Everyone may now feel safe and secure when using Instagram. 

FAQs Regarding Private Instagram Viewer Apps

Do Private Instagram Viewers work?

Find your private Instagram viewer here. We attempted several private Instagram viewers to access a profile. However, most private Instagram viewers demand you to enter personal information like your email address or phone number to see photographs. The links below display all other stuff, including written content.

 Private Instagram viewers linked to an external source after requesting human verification. Playing a game or taking a survey is necessary. Things start going wrong here. Several external links are fraudulent. These programs require personal information and the use of sketchy websites to view private Instagram accounts. Use the service if you want.

Should You Use A Private Instagram Viewer?

Social media offers several advantages to its users, but it also has its drawbacks. The positive aspects of one’s life can be shared with friends, family, and followers on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a great tool for building your brand and expanding your business. However, for some users, excessive time spent on social media might result in depressive tendencies and a failure to appreciate the good things in life.

It’s possible for some people to end themselves in precarious or otherwise uncomfortable circumstances. Privacy issues arise when using an Instagram viewer that provides access to locked accounts without the account owner’s knowledge or permission.

They have a good reason for keeping their account hidden. There are better options than using a private Instagram viewer, such as just getting to know the person and asking for permission. To what extent does knowing someone beforehand matter if you don’t care about them?

Is Instagram Account Private Viewing Possible?

Social networking offers many benefits but also some drawbacks. Taking advantage of customers’ desire to share pleasant experiences might boost brand recognition and sales. A wider audience means more opportunities to make sales and more money. Some users, however, may develop unhealthy habits as a direct result of their usage of such services.

Some people might wind themselves in potentially dangerous or unpleasant situations. Instagram users’ profiles and media postings may be seen in secret using a private viewer.

Wrapping It Up

You should spend more time on Instagram since it’s always a good time. After using the top private Instagram watcher apps and websites, you have no choice but to become a target of cyberstalking.

After reading this, you should be confident that these websites are the best and most reliable means of gaining access to any Instagram profile that is set to private. However, glassagram is the best one of the lot. Carefully following the steps above will give you instantaneous access to the specified accounts. If you want more people to follow your Instagram account, you can always purchase them.

Learn how to view private Instagram profiles in this helpful guide. You may go to any of them whenever you like. Most individuals, when first getting started, will take the easiest route. It looks like a foolproof plan of action in every respect. If you enjoyed this post, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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