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6 Best Books For 5-Year-Olds

by Brinda Goel
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Your young child is progressing swiftly through early reading skills. What are some good novels for a 5-year kid that is just starting to read? Repetition is the key to success, thus stories need to be interesting enough to read several times. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top novels suitable for a child of that age.

To assist you bring up literate children, we’ve compiled a list of recommended reads that includes interactive picture books, novels about starting school, and many others. Many interesting articles, organized for your convenience, are provided here. 

#1 Kitty And The Tiger Treasure by Paula Harrison & Jenny Lovlie

Image Source: booksonline.ro

Beautifully designed in orange, black, and white, the exploits of heroic Kitty and her feline friends are easily identifiable on the shelf (convenient if you’re looking for the next one!).

These books are perfect for the young collector in your life. The Kitty novels are great reads with a fearless female lead.

Throughout her incredible journeys, Kitty displays bravery, defends the oppressed, and is accompanied by a menagerie of adorable creatures.

In Kitty and the Tiger Treasure, Kitty is falsely accused of a crime. Can she identify the thief in time to recover the Golden Tiger Statue for the museum?

#2 Puppy Tales by Holly Webb

Image Source: hub.lexile.com

Puppy Tales is a compilation of three of Holly Webb’s best children’s books: Alfie All Alone, Sam the Stolen Puppy, and Max the Missing Puppy. All, as you may have guessed, involve perilous situations for dogs.

Although the plots are repetitive (making them less enjoyable for adults to read in a row), these books are wonderful for young readers who like animals. There’s enough excitement to keep kids interested, and every story ends happily.

If you’re attempting to make the jump from picture books to chapter books now that your child is five, these are great starting points. Dog-loving children will also enjoy receiving this set as a present.

It should also be noted that the Audible versions of Holly Webb’s books are excellent. If you’re looking for something to keep your toddler interested on a lengthy car trip, Webb’s books are a good bet due to the entertaining narration.

#3 There’s a Ghost In This House by Oliver Jeffers

Image Source: Pinterest

Oliver Jeffers’ There’s a Ghost in This House is a fun blend of spookiness and cheekiness that parents and their five-year-old readers will appreciate.

A little girl shows the reader around her home, but there’s a catch: she believes in ghosts but can’t prove their existence.

From a kid’s point of view, it’s funny that turning the thinner pages will reveal the ghosts.

Children like pointing out the ghosts as the girl travels from room to room, entirely oblivious to their presence, since they are hilarious and ridiculous rather than frightening. 

It’s a lovely novel that may be shared by readers of all ages. It’s great for youngsters who have read all of Jeffers’ books since the see-through pages and photographs provide a new perspective.

#4 The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside and Frank Rodgers

Image Source: sls-uk.org

Worry is more common in 5-year-olds than in younger youngsters. Children’s minds might become overburdened with worry when they adjust to school, make new friends, and learn about “big” ideas like cause and effect and probability. The Big Bag of Concerns is meant to teach kids appropriate coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety.

In the book, Jenny’s troubles take the form of cute little monsters, and she can’t seem to stop collecting them. She totes them about in her purse, but it’s growing cumbersome to carry everything she needs. Jenny doesn’t know who to turn to for help because her parents are preoccupied with their own problems.

Thankfully, she has a neighbor who can talk her through each of her concerns. Can Jenny get rid of some of them, or should she retain them all? Can she pass these concerns to someone else, or do they rightfully belong to her?

#5 Isadora Moon Goes Camping by Harriet Muncaster

Image Source: kobo.com

The Isadora Moon volumes are beautiful works of book design. They are visually arresting with a color scheme of black, pink, and white, and they are stuffed with pictures.

Isadora Moon, the protagonist, is a hybrid of a fairy and a vampire. Her family is unconventional, and her parents don’t always comprehend standard social norms, making it challenging for her to blend in at school.

It’s entertaining to see Isadora as she copes with her familial issues. Isadora meets several mermaids and has some difficulties with a magic comb in Isadora Moon Goes Camping.

If your 5-year-old is searching for some enchantment in her life, go no further than these stories, each of which features a vital lesson for Isadora to learn.

#6 Unicorn Rescue, an Usborne Sticker Dollies Book by Zanna Davidson

Image Source: logobook.ru

This collection is perfect for kids who enjoy sticker books as a stepping stone to chapter books.

Each Usborne Sticker Dollies book comes with a sticker sheet so that kids may customize the main characters’ outfits and make the stories a bit more engaging. There’s a story about three dolls named Grace, Lily, and Holly that have magical abilities.

Unicorn Rescue is an endearing tale about a frightened unicorn on the loose. Lily, Grace, and Holly must use their special abilities to come to the rescue.

It’s a fun experience for younger kids, especially those who are fascinated by mythical creatures like unicorns and fairies, and it contains a positive message about the need of sharing and working together. These books are a delicious and healthy option that you can find in most grocery stores.

It is an amazing book to unlock your kid’s imagination and curiosity which can prove to be a healthy mind exercise.

Final Word

To locate the finest books for five year olds, I hope this has been helpful. There’s something on this list that every kid will love, whether you’re shopping for a present or just searching for a new bedtime tale.

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