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Fiction World: 8 Authors Like Colleen Hoover

by Brinda Goel
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Readers have been enthralled by Colleen Hoover’s distinct storytelling technique. Hoover is a bestselling novelist known for her intense and compelling novels. This article can help you if you enjoy Hoover’s writing and yearn for more fiction with strong emotional themes. In 2022, Hoover will be the top-selling novelist in the country, holding 10 of the newspaper’s bestselling novel places. She has won multiple Reviewers Choice Awards for her books, notably Confess and It Ends with Us. Finding Cinderella, Maybe Someday, Maybe Not, November 9, Too Late, All Your Perfects, and Slammed are some of the author’s other works. 

We offer a carefully chosen selection of writers who have a similar capacity for crafting gripping narratives, delving deeply into complicated feelings, and leaving a lasting impression on their audience.

1. Penelope Douglas 

Image Source: audible.com

With works published in 19 different languages, Penelope Douglas is a best-selling New York Times and America’s Today bestselling author. She creates stand-alone novels as well as works in series, such as Misconduct, Punk 57, Tryst Six Venom, Credence, & Birthday Girl.

These works are under the genre of romance novel category, but as they have a dark romantic aesthetic, they could also be referred to as psychological thrillers. One of Penelope Douglas’ most well-known series of paintings is Devil’s Night. In the first book, a girl becomes fixated on her boyfriend’s elder brother, a dangerous young man who she nevertheless finds impossible to dislike. Check out our list of the top dark romance novels if you enjoy reading romance novels.

2.  JoJo Moyes

Image Source: divolog.ru

Although JoJo Moyes has written many romantic books, Me Before You is her most well-known work. The author’s novels have been published in 46 different languages and have sold 38 million copies worldwide, debuting at number one in 12 different countries. She continues to write new books and resides in Essex. Her most well-known piece, Me Before You, was turned into a movie.

14 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide altogether. In 2012, she released it, and the well-liked love story that resulted launched a trilogy that also included Still Me and After You. 

3. Anna Todd

Image Source: pinterest.com

Author and influencer Anna Todd has always been a voracious reader. She used her love of reading as the foundation for her writing career. She has climbed to the top of best sellers lists in several different nations, and her works are currently converted into 35 different languages.

Her most popular series on the site, Wattpad, where she first began creating stories on her phone, swiftly earned her a job as a professional author. Her After series of novels is by far her most well-known body of work. In the first publication, After, Tessa, a kind girl, meets a harsh and unstable male at college and becomes sucked into his brooding attitude. 

4. Taylor Jenkins Reid

Image Source: blackiebooks.org

Taylor Jenkins Reid, writer of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, is becoming more well-liked among romance readers. Her works are well-known enough to be included on popular reading lists like Reese’s Book Club and Read with Jenna, as well as the Best of Amazon. Daisy Jones and the Six, another one of her tales, is currently being adapted into a limited series for Amazon.

The two women discover unexpected connections between their lives as a result of their writing collaboration. Hugo has experienced seven husbands, as the title of the novel suggests, and a large portion of the book is her tragic story of affection and sorrow as she transitions through each of them. Our collection of authors similar to Taylor might be of interest to you as well.

5. Sally Thorne

Image Source: youtube.com

Australian romance author Ally Thorne creates fascinating fictitious settings for her stories. Thorne, who surprisingly is such a gifted fiction writer, draughts contracts and financing proposals in her spare time. Although she has only published a small number of books to date, they are selling well, and she has the potential to become the next major new romance author.

Her debut book, The Hating Game, which is now a motion picture about a workplace romance, helped establish a successful literary career. This is the love-hate relationship between two coworkers, executive assistants at a publishing company titled Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman. However, they find out they might not detest each other after they face off in a struggle of wills.

6. Christina Lauren

Image Source: simonandschuster.com.au

Christina Lauren is actually two authors. The best buddies who write books together under this pen name are Christina Hobbs and Laura Billings. In addition to their numerous works of young adult and adult literature, the partnership has produced 18 #1 New York Times bestsellers.

The Beautiful and Wild Seasons series and contemporary romance novels by this author pair are well known. Love and Other Words, the account of Macy Sorensen and Elliot Petropoulos’s love affair, is one of the best books that this dynamic combination suggests, though. The audience is left wondering if initial affection may turn into true love in maturity after reading about the book’s key protagonists as teenagers and then adults.

7. Helen Hoang

Image Source: mavink.com

The Kiss Quotient, a well-known book by autistic author Helen Hoang, is based on Helen Hoang’s personal experiences living within the autism spectrum. She also published The Bride Test and The Heart Principle, and numerous languages, including French and Russian, have translated her books.

The Kiss Quotient has received raving reviews despite the fact that several of Hoang’s books have been widely read. The Washington Post listed this book as one of the 50 Outstanding Works of Fiction that same year, and it also appeared on the top 100 list of books on Amazon in 2018. Stella Lane, an autistic lady, hires an escort to show her the art of love in the story, but soon a romantic relationship begins to blossom between the two.

8.  Mia Sheridan

Image Source: wrappedupinreading.com

The sultry romance novels by Mia Sheridan are well renowned for fostering deep love among two people who are clearly meant to be together. Cincinnati is the scene of many of the works written by this New York City Times bestselling author. She resides there with her husband and kids.

Where the Blame Lies is among Sheridan’s most well-known pieces. This chronicles the experience of an undergraduate who was abducted and held captive for almost a year in an empty warehouse. After being rescued, she becomes involved in a frantic chase as police try to find a criminal who appears to act in much the same way as her captor did. 

Wrapping It Up

These authors are sure to satisfy your craving for more deeply felt literature like Colleen Hoover’s engaging novels. Each of these authors—Tarryn Fisher, Jodi Picoult, Rainbow Rowell, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Jojo Moyes—has a remarkable talent for delving into the depths of human emotions and creating stories that move readers deeply and have an enduring influence. 

These authors are certain to give you an engaging reading experience that reverberates long after you flip the final page, whether they are examining topics of love, personal development, or moral quandaries.

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