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8 Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10- You’ll Need It 

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Experienced or inexperienced, investors are choosing to invest in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stocks, and why not? AI has been revolutionized over the past few years to a great extent and has been helping a wide range of industries, including healthcare, banking, automobiles, and smart homes. We’ll examine eight reasonably priced artificial intelligence stocks in this interactive post that you might want to add to your investment portfolio. We will examine each stock’s distinct development potential and value proposition as we go through it, assisting you in making wise investment choices.

What are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks? 

These are said to be shares of publicly traded firms that have active participation in the creation, and development of artificial intelligence technologies. The pioneers of AI service delivery partners are the ones who own most of the shares of these particular stocks. AI allows machines to carry out tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence, such as comprehending natural language, solving problems and making decisions. 

The meme stocks like GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) stole the headlines in 2021, while inflation was the main focus of 2022. Artificial intelligence has emerged as 2023’s main theme thus far, with NVIDIA Corp. (NASDAQ: NVDA) topping the pack as the industry’s most highly recommended AI stock. After ChatGPT went viral online, interest in AI skyrocketed, and many businesses are now vying to integrate AI capabilities into their platforms. AI has shown to be beneficial in helping customers across a range of industries and sectors, including wealth management, healthcare, robotics, and autos. 

Why Trade in AI Stocks? 

AI is an exciting platform with its capacity to simplify normal, tiring human life, but to successfully trade the best artificial intelligence stocks under $10, you’ll need to understand the risks and rewards of such an investment. The AI industry is said to be one of the fastest growing ones and companies involved in this trade have the potential for substantial revenue and growth. It also allows investors to show active participation in the development of the new cutting-edge technologies available there. 

AI stocks have the potential to yield better returns for investors seeking growth than more conservative options. To control risk, it’s crucial to mix growth stocks with other kinds of investments. Artificial Intelligence is a long-term, transformative technology, not a passing fad. You can put yourself in a position to profit from the AI industry’s long-term growth by purchasing AI stocks.

1. Nio Inc. (NIO) 

Even if Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSL) is a competitor, smaller Chinese electric vehicle producers like Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO) have managed to coexist in the spotlight with Tesla. This company’s three main product categories are sports cars, SUVs, and sedans. They also build smart cars, which combine traditional and automated driving characteristics, and they are now working on the Eve, a completely driverless station wagon. The largest firm to surpass 200,000 vehicle sales, it has a market capital of $19.6 billion and an average price goal of $13.3. 

2. FiscalNote Holdings Inc. 

Although FiscalNote Holdings Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) is a small IT company with only roughly 700 full-time employees, a wide range of Fortune 100 businesses, law firms, and governmental organizations use its products and services. FiscalNote helps clients manage policy and regulatory developments, stay updated on news and events, and plan advocacy campaigns by utilizing AI, machine learning, analytics, and peer research. Its toolkit is customizable to meet the needs of local, state, and federal governments as well as companies of all shapes and sizes. With six “buy” ratings against one “hold,” analysts prefer the stock, and during the past year, institutions and business insiders have been adding to their holdings of the stock.

3. SoundHound AI Inc. 

This is a Santa Clara-based tech firm that uses AI applications for voice-enabled products, the Houndify system being the company’s primary product, enables customers to construct conversational AI voice assistants. While you can also customize the voice assistants based on automatic speech recognition and embedded solutions. The single research firm that covers SoundHound, Cantor Fitzgerald, has given it a buy rating. Institutions have purchased almost $100 million worth of shares in the previous 12 months, which is noteworthy for a business with a market size of less than $500 million.

4. Nerdy Inc. 

Online learning in real-time is provided by Nerdy, Inc. Value is delivered on both ends of the network by the company’s purpose-built proprietary platform, which connects students, users, parents, guardians, and buyers of all ages to tutors, instructors, subject matter experts, educators, and other professionals. The platform makes use of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI). Its educational destination offers a range of learning opportunities in many topic areas and formats, such as tutor chat, coding, small and big group instruction, essay reviews, one-on-one tutoring, and adaptive self-study. In August, NRDY shares received price target increases from four stock analysts, averaging a 36.4% rise over the current market price. Over the past 12 months, institutions have purchased shares, bringing the total amount of new inflows to $145 million.

5. Rekor Systems Inc. 

Rekor Systems Inc. is a US-based business. By using AI to drive judgments, it provides real-time roadway intelligence. Rekor provides real-time, actionable vehicle recognition data to the government and business sectors. The company analyzes video streams using artificial intelligence to provide AI-driven judgments. With the application of its machine learning software, the majority of IP cameras can be converted into precise vehicle recognition tools that improve operations and logistics, boost brand loyalty, and help save lives. Despite just being founded six years ago, Rekor Systems has already attracted institutional interest and amassed a $200 million market capitalization. 

6. Lantronix Inc. 

Lantronix Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) provides Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through AI-powered computer hardware and software. With the use of edge computing, robotics, traffic management, and video monitoring, clients can remotely govern their surroundings. Customer service is provided by Irvine, California-based Lantronix to clients in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Data centers, test labs, server rooms, and other isolated or hygienic locations are some examples of clients. Analysts have given LTRX shares a “buy” rating, with an average price target upside of 137%.

7. AudioEye Inc. 

Leading software solution supplier AudioEye Inc. offers ADA and WCAG accessibility compliance right away and at scale. AudioEye is removing all obstacles to digital accessibility by utilizing patented technology, subject matter expertise, and proprietary methods. It also assists artists in becoming accessible and provides them with continuous advice and automatic maintenance. Trusted by the FCC, ADP, SSA, Uber, and many more, AudioEye automates digital accessibility for the largest audiences while assisting everyone in identifying and resolving accessibility issues and improving user experiences. All three analysts covering AEYE have a “buy” rating on the stock, and the average price target indicates an upside potential of over 90%.

8. Lantern Inc. 

Dallas, Texas-based Lantern Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRN), a small clinical-stage biotech, is the smallest of our top AI stocks. With just 22 full-time staff and a $50 million market valuation, Lantern has demonstrated potential by streamlining the medication development process through the use of AI and machine learning techniques. The company is actively working on developing a number of cancer medicines, including LP-300 for non-small cell lung cancer, LP-284 to treat various forms of lymphoma, and LP-100 to be used with PARP inhibitors. Despite the traditionally difficult nature of the pharmaceutical industry (particularly cancer therapy), Lantern has analyst coverage, sporting a “buy” rating and a $11 price target, which translates into a 155% upside.

These Stocks Will Make You Rich With Small Investment

A fun and inexpensive way to be involved in the AI revolution is to invest in AI stocks priced under $10. There is a chance for a significant rise in these firms’ shares, and they might be about to make breakthroughs. It’s crucial to approach these investments with careful thought and a knowledge of the dangers involved, though. Remember that stock prices can fluctuate, so diversifying your portfolio is crucial to risk management as you start your investing adventure.

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