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8 Ways to Take Better Care Of Curly Hair : Healthy Hair Tips

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Curly hair is a lovely and distinctive characteristic that needs extra care and consideration. However, caring for and nourishing curly hair can occasionally be difficult. Finding the perfect routine can be crucial for controlling frizz and shaping curls. 

We’ll look at eight key suggestions in this article to help you properly take care of your curly hair. You’ll be able to accept your natural curls, boost their vitality, and unleash the full potential of your magnificent locks with the help of these healthy hair suggestions.

#1 Hydration Is Key

Honestly, straight hair needs hydration too, but the more hydrated and properly hydrated your curls are, the better your curls are gonna be. Hydration is super duper key because sometimes, the frizz and the flyaways and the lack of consistency in curl can be from heat damage. It can also be from lack of hydration, and that can look like using products that don’t have enough gorgeous ingredients in it to penetrate that hair cuticle and get there on the inside and kind of plump up the hair from the inside out with moisture.

Also, silicone heavy products can live on the outside of the curl shaft, it can cause the moisture ingredients to not be able to penetrate that buildup that the silicone creates. So looking for silicone free ingredients and formulas is really important. But also, frizz is not your enemy. It’s part of what makes your hair amazing.

#2 Extend Your Hair

Understanding how to achieve great day two and day three and day four waves is super important. So if you learn how to do your hair curly on day one, and that’s fabulous, yay. But we don’t necessarily want to wash and condition the hair. Every single day. So learning how to refresh your curls, waves, kinks, coils on day two and onward is really important.

Not only is conditioning mist  a great detangler on your hair out of the shower, if your hair is prone to tangle super long, any length, any texture. This is gonna really be light and detangle and help to moisturize the hair in a non heavy way. But for day two, day three, day four, this is an incredible reviving mist for wavy, coiling, curly hair. So on day two, day three, day four, just respray through your hair, re-scrunch, reset. You can either rediffuse, or let it air dry.

#3 Know How To Sleep With Your Hair

Here’s another really important tip for getting your best curly hair, is learning how to sleep with your hair appropriately. If you sleep with your curls open, it’s gonna make your hair really, really frizzy and humid and just like rubbed, because if you’re up against a pillow and you’re then see how all this hair, it gets stuck on like the sheets in your shirt and it just runs around and there’s friction.

Learning how to sleep with your hair to isolate it from your body heat, so that it can look like doing a really loose top knot when you go to sleep with a silk scrunchy. So you just loosely pile your hair on top of your head, secure it with a scrunchy and a little top bun. Or you can do a bonnet, like a silk bonnet and put that over your hair, um, to prevent it from rubbing all over your body heat.

But even with a bonnet, I like to secure the hair and a top bun or a flat wrap and then put the bonnet on top of that versus just putting it like a bonnet over your hair down. Because it still can get kind of rubbing, even though it’s better than nothing.

#4 Mask Up!

Properly incorporating masks into your routine is a major tip. Any type of wavy, curly, kinky, coily hair, especially around changes of season can cause more frizz or cause the hair to not know what’s really going on. And even if you’re in a climate that doesn’t change as much, if you’re more in a tropical climate or just a climate that’s consistently more hot, then your curls weigh kinks, Coils need more hydration just because it’s hot outside. So a really gorgeous repairing moisturizing mask is really important to have in your routine.

#5 Know How To Layer Products

One thing that brings out the best in your curly hair is learning how to accurately layer products. When you’re styling your hair curly, you gotta use multiple layers. Start by liberally misting a complete conditioning spray onto damp hair that has just come out of the shower. 

Detangling will be aided by this. After that, carefully run a wide-tooth comb through your hair, working your way up from the ends. After detangling, it’s time to coat your curls in an instant healing serum to nurture and shield them. Apply it uniformly all over your hair, paying special attention to the mid lengths and ends. The next step is to apply your air-dry cream on top of the serum. This will add moisture and improve the definition of your curls. When your hair is properly moisturized, you will hear a satisfying squelching sound as you work the items into your hair. And that sound means the hair has enough product in it. When you put the heat of the diffuser and that blow dryer to it, it’s not gonna get frizzy.

#6 Avoid Sulfates

One major tip is, use sulfate free shampoo. Curls do not like sulfates. Especially Ammonium Lauryl Sulfates. There are a lot of different types of sulfates. Some are better than others, but sulfate free is always the best way to go.

#7 Know How To Set Your Curls

Learning how to set your curls is also really important. Learning different sets is also really important. So there’s a lot of different finger curls that you can do where you can take the hair when it’s wet and wrap it around one finger and then you can squeeze the product in and then set it down and then you diffuse those curls. Or you can twist the hair around your fingers.

There’s sponge rollers, there’s also tons of heatless waves that are huge on TikTok. With those little crowns, you put it on, like an instant recovery serum or like an air dry cream and make your hair wet. Then you can do any sort of heatless wave style. So we love learning how to do heatless waves that emphasize your natural texture. You’ll see a lot of folks with textured hair, folks doing rod sets, which is also really cool or even sleeping in braids is a way of setting your hair.

So whether that’s on a curling iron or a flat iron, or a pin curl or a finger wave or whatever the set is, you’re setting a style into your hair. So learning how to enhance your natural texture with setting it in different ways is also really integral to getting the most out of your curly hair.

#8 Love Your Natural Texture

Don’t be afraid of your natural texture, whether you’re someone who has textures in the threes or the fours and someone’s taught you that you have to relax your hair. Or you have to be afraid of your natural texture. That your natural texture isn’t pretty. That is not true. All textures of hair are beautiful. They’re gorgeous. They’re capable of doing so many things, and your hair is beautiful. And that’s how to get the most out of your gorgeous curly hair is to tell it that it’s gorgeous. 

Your hair is doing so much gorgeous stuff for you. It is so cool. It is such a miracle that we’re here and that we get to even play with our hair in the first place. So let’s celebrate that and celebrate you.


In conclusion, taking better care of curly hair is essential for maintaining its health and beauty. By following the healthy hair tips provided, such as using sulfate-free products, avoiding heat styling, and embracing proper moisturizing techniques, you can enhance the natural texture and vitality of your curls. Remember to be patient, consistent, and gentle with your curly hair routine, and enjoy the gorgeous results it brings.

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