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A List Of 10 Video Games Heardles 

by Brinda Goel
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Heardle, a video game that uses music to execute the same idea as Wordle, provides players with one English word to guess each day. A single song is available to the gamers every day. There are only six opportunities for them to predict it properly, and the first one is only one second from the start.

With each attempt, they might add a few seconds to the introduction. You are free to listen to the entire song and inform your friends of your success or failure. Because it features almost all of the songs in video games, this Heardle rendition is the most well-known for its video game soundtrack. Similar to the original Heardle game, players get six chances to correctly identify the song and video game. 

Because it features almost all of the songs in video games, this Heardle rendition is the most well-known for its video game soundtrack. Similar to the original Heardle game, players get six chances to correctly identify the song and video game. They can look forward to hearing one new song each day and more music overall. Naturally, the most well-known and well-liked songs are highlighted, while some older games may be mixed in with more contemporary ones.

1. Yoshi Heardle by @NinjaGalaxy 

Image Source: wallpapercave.com

A wonderful take on the traditional Heardle genre, the “Yoshi Heardle” by @NinjaGalaxy takes listeners on a musical tour of the adored Yoshi subseries of Mario games. Players interpret charming tunes and melodies that have accompanied Yoshi on his escapades in place of words. They get closer to selecting recognizable songs that capture Yoshi’s world’s whimsical and endearing mood with each correct guess. In addition to testing players’ knowledge of the Yoshi games, this Heardle also fills their ears with fond memories and the catchy music that has accompanied Mario’s dependable dinosaur sidekick over the years. Both gamers and music lovers will enjoy the enjoyable and musical challenge.

2. Fighting Game Heardle by @MonachtVT 

Image Source: siliconera.com

This particular Heardle is a sonic arena with tracks from a wide variety of fighting games. Players who pay close attention to the music must understand the recognizable melodies that have powered spectacular battles in legendary video games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and more. Participants experience a symphony of memories and adrenaline with each accurate guess, remembering the memorable tunes that have accompanied their virtual combat exploits. “Fighting Game Heardle” is more than just a game; it pays symbiotic respect to the throbbing music that ignites the competitive spirit and passion of the fighting game community.

3. Sonic Heardle by @LaughAndPeace11

Image Source: telegrum.ru

Players in this inventive rendition must analyze and identify well-known songs from the Sonic video games, fusing their love of the swift blue hedgehog with a musical test. Sonic Heardle adds a new level to the gaming experience by challenging gamers to test their aural recall and sense of nostalgia for the cherished video game series, which ranges from the recognizable “Green Hill Zone” theme to the upbeat beats of “Chemical Plant Zone.” Sonic fans will be delighted by the seamless blending of games and music.

4. Donkey Kong Heardle by @Cauli 

Image Source: wallpaper.mob.org

The entertaining musical challenge Donkey Kong Heardle by @Cauli immerses players in the well-known Donkey Kong series. Heardle fans may anticipate a nostalgic excursion through the land of adventure-loving bananas and barrel-throwing apes. Players must identify the titles of Donkey Kong songs by listening to brief, repetitive parts in a sequence of audio riddles in the game. This Heardle promises an auditory feast for fans of the cherished Nintendo franchise with appealing melodies like the famous “DK Rap” and the iconic “Jungle Japes” theme.

5. Falcom Heardle by @Susatoss 

Image Source: YouTube

Participants are tasked with decoding the recognizable tunes from Falcom in this inventive take on the traditional word-guessing game. The game not only honors Falcom’s outstanding contribution to the gaming industry but also quizzes players on their familiarity with its vast music library. As they try to recognize songs by ear, players become engrossed in the melodious world of Falcom’s RPG games, including the illustrious “Ys’ series and the charming “The Legend of Heroes” games. Falcom Hurdle offers fans a novel method to engage with their preferred game soundtracks while stimulating their aural senses. It is a harmonious blend of gaming and music appreciation.

6. Tales of Heardle by @DailyTalesMusic 

Image Source: akibagamers.it

@DailyTalesMusic’s “Tales of Heardle” is a musical journey that puts Namco’s “Tales of” franchise’s captivating songs to life. It creates a symphonic tapestry with each note and beat that carries listeners away to the expansive and varied worlds of these cherished RPG games. This Heardle experience is a sincere homage to the legendary soundtracks that have accompanied the stories of heroes, camaraderie, and fate, from the soaring orchestral pieces to the melancholy ballads. “Tales of Heardle” offers a peaceful journey through the enthralling music of the “Tales of” universe, whether you’re a devoted fan of the series or a beginner.

7. Xeno Heardle by @XenoHeardle 

Image Source: neogaf.com

Players are immersed in a mesmerizing experience where melodies and memories mix in Xeno Heardle, a musical journey through the expansive and enthralling world of the Xeno series. The soundtrack of these games weaves a rich tapestry of emotions and adventures, from the melancholy strains of “Gaur Plain” in Xenoblade Chronicles to the epic symphonic crescendos of “Zanza” in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. In order to advance, players must decipher song titles using their understanding of the franchise’s classic compositions and narrative.

8. TouTou Heardle by @mugumugu

A compelling musical challenge created by @mugumugu called TouTou Heardle honors the magical realm of ZUN’s Touhou Project. Players are submerged in the melodious tapestry of Touhou’s renowned soundtracks in this Heardle. Each Heardle puzzle features a distinctive fusion of mesmerizing melodies, ranging from tranquil piano tunes to exhilarating boss themes that take place in bullet-hell. Matching notes to song titles and decoding the music takes players on a journey through Gensokyo as they discover the mysterious heart of the Touhou world. Fans of the Touhou Project can test their knowledge and savor the enduring attraction of ZUN’s tunes in this seamless marriage of music and gaming. 

9. Ragnarok Online Heardle by @Unknown 

Image Source: getwallpapers.com

The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online is famed for its beautiful soundtrack, and this Heardle by @Unknown perfectly encapsulates its melodic charm. You will experience the acoustic landscapes of Rune Midgard while listening, as each note conjures up images of heroic battles and tranquil settlements. Prontera, Izlude, and Payon’s tunes come to life and take you through the game’s various locales. The recognizable “Theme of Prontera” and the ethereally stunning “Purity of Your Smile” test your auditory perceptions while providing hints about the game’s extensive mythology. This Heardle is a nostalgic voyage through its entrancing audio tapestry, whether you’re an experienced explorer or a beginner to the land of Ragnarok.

10. Splatoon Heardle by MoshPlayz 

Image Source: wallpapercosmos.com

A unique and entertaining musical puzzle called “Splatoon Heardle by MoshPlayz” blends the lively and catchy music from both Splatoon games. Players are entrusted with identifying the songs from the cherished Splatoon series in an original Heardle challenge by listening to carefully chosen audio clips. Fans of the franchise will enjoy the game since it captures the vibrant and ink-splatting spirit of Splatoon. Players explore the world of inklings and squids as they decipher the songs, appreciating the music that has grown to be an essential element of the Splatoon community. 

Wrapping Up

The brain-teasing Wordle gameplay and the sentimental world of video games are combined in the innovative app Video Game Heardles. Players engage in an exciting mental activity that exercises their reasoning abilities and puts their gaming expertise to the test as they try to understand the mysterious combinations of numbers and symbols. Video Game Heardles offers a great take on the traditional Wordle concept that is sure to keep you interested and coming back for more, whether you’re a die-hard gamer or just seeking for a fun and unusual gaming experience.

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