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All About “When His Eyes Opened”: One of The Best Romance Novel Series 

by Devanshi Agarwal
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Before we understand or delve into what this book is about, allow me to introduce the series’ genre to the readers. This book series is going to be an exhilarating rollercoaster ride, filled with suspense, thrill, and characters that will make you squirm uncomfortably in your chair as you eagerly await the next chapter to learn what else it would take for the characters to achieve their goals. There are going to be broken hearts, mending strings, and a few drops of tears here and there. 

This is the tale of Avery Tate, who is wed to the Foster Family, the richest family in Avonsville, by her stepmother. The fact that Elliot Foster, the bridegroom, has been unconscious for nearly a year and Avery Tate is the only one to go down the aisle alone caught my attention when I initially read the synopsis. The fact that Cole Foster, Avery’s boyfriend, is Elliot Foster’s nephew, turns her life into an instantaneous whirlwind of instability. She also discovered him with her sister, Cassandra Tate, on the day of her wedding. 

Furthermore, the news everyone hadn’t expected exploded like wildfire, Elliot Foster recovered from a Coma and was raged to find that he’d been married while unconscious, I mean who wouldn’t be but yes, that’s our storyline! Throughout this article, I aim to take the readers through the life of the characters, my favorite chapters, and also, some other novels that are similar to this one! 

The Charismatic Characters: 

Avery Tate

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The female lead, Avery Tate is a gorgeous, well-behaved young woman who seems like she loves to keep to herself, loves her own company, and is introverted. She is shattered when she discovers that her boyfriend, Cole Foster who also is the Male Lead’s nephew, cheats on Avery with her Stepsister, Cassandra Tate, no wonder Cole asked and pestered her to carry on with the wedding she was being forced into. Now talking about the wedding, and the weird arrangement of the marriage of Avery with a man who has been in a coma for almost a year now has to do something with money of course, but whose money? 

In other words, she was forced to wed Elliot Foster when her father’s business faced bankruptcy. The inspiration for the scheme came from her stepmother Wanda Tate, whose son, Jack Tate, stole money from the business when she hired him for a position in the finance division. She suffered all kinds of injustices just for the sake of her family, and this compromise is a part of it. For her father, she put up with the harassment from her stepmother and stepsister for years. And now that everything had reached its conclusion, she was determined to reclaim everything that was rightfully hers!

Elliot Foster 

One word for this man, arrogant from each and every angle. He absolutely hates women and the thought of having children. Though wealthy, he is ruthless and rebellious. His aura screams nobility, with sharp features and deceiving looks, he can be safely called dangerous. During the initial course of the book, he has been portrayed to be in Coma since a car crash half a year ago. His doctors said that he was not going to make it till the end of the year. But miraculously, he opened his eyes on the wedding night and started recovering faster.  And for him, our lovely Avery Tate is a foolish woman. 

Turns out that when Avery is pregnant with his child, he wants her to get an abortion done as soon as possible and also he waits for his mother to be well before divorcing Avery. When he learned from Avery’s hospital records that her child’s father was Cole Foster, the girlfriend and also his nephew, Elliot went too far and dragged her to the hospital to force the abortion. However, Cole demonstrated that he was mistaken while at his uncle’s mercy. 

Similar Novels: 

Cold Ceo Vs. Sweet Wife Xiao Mo 

Image source : Goodreads

Just like how Avery sacrificed herself to appease her family in When His Eyes Opened, this novel will remind us of something similar wherein, after all the female lead, Jean Wen did to save her marriage, she marries a chilly CEO who still wishes to end it, and in exchange of a divorce, Jean demands to have a piece of his land.


CEO’s Number 1 Sweetheart Liang Liu Yi Yi 

Image source : BabelNovel

Avery Tate consents to marry Elliot Foster in When His Eyes Opened in order to avenge her sister and ex-boyfriend. In this story, the main character similarly intends to exact revenge on everyone who has harmed her by using the richest man. Up until the man insisted that she stay with him because she was destined to be with him, it was a wise choice. 

Pampering The Newlywed Wife Shi Wu 

Image source : Novelhall

After the car crash in this novel, Elliot Foster spends most of his time in a wheelchair after recovering, the male lead in this one is also in a wheelchair when the female is married off to him in her sister’s name. This man is also powerful and wealthy, but their relationship is fake. Until she got pregnant with his child.


Fiction is a wonderful companion to our lives since they are so unexceptional in comparison. When His Eyes Opened is excellent, it brings you joy, laughter, tears, and the realization of life’s purpose. Instead of giving up on herself, Avery Tate is determined to live a happy life, which includes being a good wife to Elliot and returning the family business to her late father. Elliot gradually discovers Avery’s admirable qualities and develops feelings for her. But the plot takes a surprising turn when he learns she’s pregnant!

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