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Dhanteras Timings 2023- All You Need To Know About The Festival! 

by Devanshi Agarwal
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The five-day Diwali celebrations commence auspiciously on Dhanteras, a widely observed Hindu festival. Dhanteras, which falls in the month of Ashwin on the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha, is a festival with great religious and cultural significance. On this day, people celebrate Lord Dhanvantari, the god of riches and Ayurveda, and buying expensive jewelry and kitchenware is customarily connected with success and good fortune. This article explores the important Dhanteras timings for 2023 and provides a thorough reference to the lucky times to carry out rituals and shop for this joyous event. 

We will commemorate this day in the month of Kartik. Today, November 10, 2023, is Dhanatrayodashi, also known as the Dhanteras festival, which is observed nationwide. 

Trayodasi Tithi Begins 12:35 PM IST 
Trayodashi Tithi Ends 01:57 PM IST 
Pradosh Kaal05:09 PM – 07:42 PM IST 
Vrishabha Kaal 05:27 PM – 07:27 PM IST 
Dhanteras Puja Muhurat05:27 PM – 07:27 PM IST 
Laabh Choghadiya 08:00 AM – 09:22 PM IST 
Amrit Choghadiya 09:23 AM- 10:43 AM 
Shubh Choghadiya 12:04 PM – 01:26 PM IST 

Hindus place a lot of importance on Dhanteras. One of the most significant Hindu holidays, it is observed with tremendous majesty and fervor across the nation. On a huge scale, people decorate their homes with diyas, rangoli, lights, and flowers to commemorate this event. Buying new items is popular during this holiday because it is regarded as auspicious to do so. The crown is visible in the markets during this joyous time of year. They purchase gold, silver, and new clothing as well as home goods.

The event is observed seriously, and pujas are offered to Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Kuber, and Lord Dhanvantri. It is thought that during Samudra Manthan, also known as the Churning of the Ocean, Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Lord Dhanvantir, the deity of medicine or the lord of Ayurveda, emerged from the milky ocean.  Timings for Dhanteras vary from City to City as well, so here is a table for easy access to the timings according to your preference! 

Noida05:47 PM- 07:42 PM 
Ahmedabad 06:15 PM- 08:13 PM 
Bengaluru 06:10 PM- 08:13 PM 
Mumbai 06:20 PM- 08:20 PM 
Kolkata 05:13 PM- 07:11 PM 
Chandigarh05:45 PM- 07:39 PM 
Gurgaon 05:48 PM- 07:44 PM 
Hyderabad 06:00 PM- 08:01 PM 
Jaipur05:56 PM- 07:52 PM 
Chennai06:00 PM- 08:02 PM 
New Delhi 05:47 PM- 07:43 PM 
Pune06:17 PM- 08:17 PM 

It is important to face this earthen lamp towards the southwest according to astrology. It is Lord Yama Dev’s instruction, after which we should pray for the members’ health and well-being. It is said that lighting this Diya will reduce one’s fear of dying and premature death. 


Along with monetary prosperity, the celebration of Dhanteras also provides spiritual well-being as the flickering lights fill the air and prayers resound. The meticulously observed Dhanteras schedules for 2023 provide the festivities an extra degree of sacredness by directing people in their customs and purchases. Dhanteras represents more than just money; it also represents the victory of light over darkness and the pursuit of wealth with gratitude and devotion.

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