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Fashion TikTokers: 10 Trendsetters & Their Style Inspiration

by Brinda Goel
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TikTok has developed into a haven for artistic expression, and the platform’s fashion community is no exception. Fashion TikTokers have taken the app by storm, engaging fans with their original content from styling advice to trend-setting attire. 

This article features a number of fashion-related TikTokers who are currently worth following. These content producers are sure to give you a daily dose of style inspiration thanks to their distinctive sense of style, knowledge of fashion, and capacity to stay current with the newest trends.

1. @youngblackdad 

Anyone who wants to clean up their social media timeline enjoys some wholesome material. And you’ll find some of the cutest content on TikTok here. The images mainly feature the dad and his young son dancing in their living area and flaunting their coordinated clothes for the day, which frequently feature balaclavas and white Air Force 1s. Every day, there is a lot of hate on social media. This balances that out a little bit.  

Image Source: Instagram

2. @dairylandvintage 

Image Source: Youtube

Gabe Lloyd utilizes his platform to talk about his passion for sports and vintage apparel. His page includes videos from his thrift store excursions, advice on how to find the best deals on eBay or at your next thrift store visit, photos of a few of his most current uncovers, and even instructions on how to give vintage clothing and hats new life. His snapback collection, which includes anything from vintage Milwaukee Brewers corduroy styles to ’90s shark tooth designs bearing the ESPN logo, is featured in some of his best videos.

3. @cyrilroypalmer

Cyril Roy Palmer is a complex person who succeeds in a variety of fields. Cyril has built a name for himself in the industries of art, music, and enterprise thanks to his passion for innovation and uncompromising dedication to perfection. His artistic prowess and meticulous attention to detail fascinate viewers, and his musical aptitude is evident in his emotional compositions. Cyril’s entrepreneurial attitude inspires him to launch new businesses and empower others in addition to his artistic endeavors. He continues to motivate and have an enduring influence on those around him thanks to his broad skill set and unwavering dedication.

Image Source: Youtube

4. @relaxitsonlyfashion

Image Source: Youtube

Timothy Chernyaev, a stylist, has converted his TikTok account into a library of bite-sized evaluations of fashion shows for brands like Acne Studios and Valentino. Each assessment includes a few carefully chosen show looks. Chernyaev goes over each one and offers his frank assessment, whether it’s favorable or unfavorable. This page also serves as a fantastic way to view the most recent runway shows in a more palatable fashion if you don’t keep a close eye on them.

5. @coryinfinite 

The way Cory Infinite approaches fashion is, to put it mildly, divisive. But regardless of your feelings towards it, it’s always entertaining to see what he comes up with. The creator frequently exhorts others to be original and passionate about their work. He often wears a white cap with the words “Be You. Be Infinite.” on it. And it is clear from a quick browse through his account that he abides by this maxim. Typically, his creations are more intellectual than useful. Even if you don’t like all of his more eccentric designs, it’s wonderful to see such a different approach to style. Clearly, Cory Infinite is on to something.

Image Source: Youtube

6. @mark_boutitlier 

Image Source: Youtube

Mark Boutilier can be thought of as a sort of contemporary fashion critic. However, he offers criticism on the rest of TikTok’s fashion community and current trends rather than criticizing runways. On occasion, he will flaunt his look of the day or share his thoughts on a fresh partnership. Buyer’s guides and pickup films, which typically begin with his distinctive finger point, will be included in additional TikToks. All of Boutiliers writing has humor woven throughout it. It might be discovering a denim office chair at a secondhand shop one day. On the other hand, he might make fun of some overly popular fads right now, such as double-knee jeans or tote bag accessories.

7. @wisdm8

The creator can wear anything well, it seems. In a few videos, he wears more conventional attire than you would see on a lot of other people every day. Some are more cutting-edge and appear to have been taken directly off a runway. Additionally, this adaptability is displayed in inventive ways. In several posts, he demonstrates how effortlessly he can put together an outfit made entirely of luxury pieces for $30,000 or one made entirely of thrifted clothing for $30. There’s a reason he’s been successful in gaining close to 8 million followers to date and launching a respectable modeling career by working with companies like Dior and Coach. You are losing out if you are not already following him.

Image Source: Youtube

8. @thepeoplegallery

Image Source: Youtube

This account gives you the best overview if you’re not from the area and want to see how diverse New York City’s aesthetic may be. Each movie features a different person or group of people running through their wardrobe on the streets of New York City. On social media, it could frequently appear that everyone is dressed identically. This account quickly disproves the notion by showcasing the distinctive styles of people of different ages. On rare occasions, the account runner may even cross paths with prominent fashion icons like Bloody Osiris or athletes like Brooklyn Nets guard Patty Mills. 

9. @opaleyes369

On TikTok, Michael Steinberg goes by the handle @opaleyes369 and offers a fantastic blend of commentary and instruction. His most recent videos have explored the Y2K aesthetic, discussed new lookbooks from prominent companies like ERL, and provided historical context for tiny Japanese labels like 20471120. On occasion, he will even display some of his personal clothing. Its approachability is one of the aspects that renders it so fantastic. The world of fashion doesn’t always look very welcoming. This entry restriction is eliminated on this TikTok. 

Image Source: Youtube

10. @dapperdom and @aileciajones 

Image Source: Youtube

Despite having separate accounts, Ailecia Jones and Dominique Jones frequently appear in one another’s videos. Ailecia routinely mixes outfit-of-the-moment videos and calls out some of her current favorite brands on her feed in addition to other content that focuses on parenting and wellness advice. Dom’s page focuses mainly on clothing. In addition to showcasing his personal attire, he also offers commentary on the attire of famous people, compiles brief buyer’s manuals, displays his equipment collection, and performs other things. 

Wrapping It Up! 

Fashion TikTokers have established themselves as powerful voices in the realm of fashion, providing a variety of ideas, suggestions, and helpful guidance. You can stay on top of the latest trends, learn new style tricks, and get a peek into the world of fashion from the convenience of your smartphone by following these fashion-forward TikTokers. 

These TikTokers can assist you in upping your fashion game and unleashing your personal style, whether you’re looking for budget-friendly buys, high-fashion inspiration, or innovative styling ideas. So grab your phone, tap the follow button, and get ready to explore TikTok’s fascinating fashion world.

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