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Following Ronaldo’s Lead: 10 European Footballers Who Embarked On a Journey To Saudi Arabia

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s enormous success and indisputable influence on the world of football, a new trend that cuts beyond borders and leagues has formed. Players from Europe have flocked to Saudi Arabia, a country noted for its growing interest in football, in search of new challenges and to embrace the appeal of competing in a vibrant and developing football environment. These ten European footballers have taken the risk, reshaping their careers, and adding to the always changing global football narrative, much like the trailblazing footprints of Ronaldo.

1. Roberto Firmino to Al Ahli

Roberto Firmino, a Brazilian football player known for his explosive play style and substantial contributions at Liverpool FC, has made a significant transfer to Al Ahli FC in Saudi Arabia. His professional trajectory has changed significantly as a result of the transfer, and he will now begin a new chapter in a different football environment. Al Ahli should benefit greatly from Firmino’s flair, adaptability, and goal-scoring skills. He will also help Saudi football get more recognition on the international level. Football fans all across the world are now focusing on Firmino’s path as he takes on this exciting new task.

2. Hakim Ziyech to Al Nassr

Hakim Ziyech, a Moroccan midfielder, has made a crucial shift in his football career by joining Al Nassr. Ziyech joins the Saudi Arabian team after leaving Chelsea FC, adding his innovative flair and adaptable playing style to the team’s midfield. Ziyech, who is well-known for his keen vision, deft dribbling, and accurate passing, will strengthen Al Nassr’s offensive potential. His choice to take on this new task demonstrates Saudi football’s expanding appeal on a worldwide scale and provides him with a platform to continue growing while advancing the goals of his new squad.

3. N’golo Kante to Al Ittihad

N’golo Kante, known for his excellent midfield skills, has unexpectedly moved to Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia. The move represents a turning point in Kante’s brilliant career as he trades in the best leagues of European football for a new challenge in the Middle East. Kante, who is renowned for his relentless work ethic and defensive prowess, is expected to elevate Al Ittihad’s team. The action also demonstrates the rising allure of Saudi football and its ability to entice elite athletes. Global football fans are eager to see how Kante’s abilities will influence Al Ittihad’s future and the state of the game as a whole.

4. Ruben Neves to Al Hilal

Ruben Neves, a Portuguese midfielder, has advanced significantly in his football career by joining Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia. The move, which represents a change from his European endeavors, demonstrates Neves’ desire to take on new challenges and make a contribution to the developing Saudi football landscape. Neves, who is renowned for his superb passing skills and tactical acumen, gives Al Hilal’s midfield an additional layer of maturity and skill. All eyes are on Neves to improve his new team’s performance while paving the way for other European players to seek opportunities in the Middle East as he adjusts to a foreign football culture and environment.

5. Bernardo Silva to Al Hilal

Bernardo Silva, a midfielder from Portugal, has joined Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia. Silva, who is well-known for his technical skill and inventiveness, joining Al Hilal is a huge roster addition for the group. His expertise from playing in top-tier European leagues may improve Al Hilal’s gameplay and strategic thinking. Silva’s choice to take on this new task exemplifies the growing popularity of Saudi football on a worldwide level. This deal is a notable development in the world of football since both fans and pundits are interested in seeing how Silva’s skill set will mesh with Al Hilal’s goals.

6. Kalidou Koulibali to Al Hilal

Senegalese football legend Kalidou Koulibaly has made a surprising switch to Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal in a big transfer move. During his time with Napoli, Koulibaly was widely considered as one of the best defenders in European football. He now brings his great defensive skills and leadership to Al Hilal’s backline. The transfer not only strengthens Al Hilal’s goals strategically, but it also represents the growing allure of Saudi football for the best players from around the world. The Saudi Pro League will be revitalized by Koulibaly’s arrival, which also demonstrates the league’s rising worldwide profile.

7. Sergio Ramos to Al Ahli

After a distinguished career at Real Madrid, renowned Spanish defender Sergio Ramos made a remarkable switch to Saudi Arabian club Al Ahli. Ramos’ football career underwent a major turn with the transfer as he contributed his wealth of knowledge and leadership to Saudi Arabia’s developing football scene. Ramos, who was well-known for his tenacity and defensive prowess, wanted to support Al Ahli’s goals and advance football in the area. His participation not only gave the league more star power but also demonstrated Saudi football’s growing worldwide appeal and ability to draw top-tier foreign talent.

8. Matt Doherty to Al Ittihad

Matt Doherty, an Irish football player, made a crucial career move when he joined Al Ittihad. Doherty’s move to Saudi Arabian football shows his desire for new challenges after leaving the English Premier League, where he was recognised for his adaptable defensive abilities. He joins Al Ittihad and adds knowledge and grit to their team, helping them achieve their goals in both home and foreign games. The move also emphasizes how popular Middle Eastern leagues are becoming, luring seasoned players like Doherty to experience various footballing environments. He represents the growing globalization of the beautiful game by his journey to Al Ittihad.

9. Edouard Mendy to Al Ahli

The highly regarded goalkeeper Edouard Mendy made a huge move to Al Ahli in Saudi Arabia, ushering in a new era in his football career. Mendy garnered attention when he joined Al Ahli after performing strongly with Chelsea in the Premier League and helping to their major triumphs. His choice to sign with the Saudi team is a reflection of how popular and fiercely competitive football has become in the area. Al Ahli’s defensive strength will be enhanced by Mendy’s experience and knowledge, demonstrating the growing global influence of Saudi football. This transfer not only benefits the team, but it also serves as a reminder of how the world of football is always expanding.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nassr signaled a fundamental change in the dynamics of world football. Ronaldo’s transfer to the Saudi Arabian club underlined the growing attraction of Middle Eastern football while also leaving a stunning legacy in Europe’s top leagues. His arrival gave Al Nassr unrivaled star power and footballing prowess, raising the league’s profile and enthralling fans all over the world. The transfer demonstrated the league’s aspirations, highlighting its aim to draw in elite talent and contend on a global scale. In addition to bringing enthusiasm to Saudi football, Ronaldo’s visit to Al Nassr highlighted the region’s growing appeal to elite athletes.


A new chapter in the “beautiful game” is being written as Saudi Arabian football’s appeal grows. With his amazing accomplishments and charismatic personality, Cristiano Ronaldo has certainly had a significant impact on inspiring European sportsmen to travel to uncharted regions. The ten players that followed in his footsteps have added to the mutual exchange of football knowledge and culture in addition to showcasing their abilities to new audiences. The footballing globe becomes even more interwoven as a result of their shared adventure, predicting a time when barriers will no longer exist and our shared love of the game will bring us all together.

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