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Introducing The Remarkable 50 Over 50 In 2023 – Lifestyle Edition

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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The idea that age is a barrier to achievement has been disproved in a time of fast change and shifting viewpoints. The “50 Over 50” project for 2023 honors people who have embraced disruption, demonstrating that there are no age restrictions on going after big goals and sparking change. This edition focuses on people who have redefined lifestyles, dispelling myths and serving as examples of how older life may usher in fresh starts and amazing achievements. And today, we present 10 out of the remarkable 50 in this article. 

1. Gina Boswell, Bath and Body Works 

Gina Boswell has demonstrated transformative leadership during her time at Bath & Body Works. She has led the company to new heights in her role as president and CEO, capitalizing on her considerable experience in consumer goods and beauty. Bath & Body Works has retained its position as a retail powerhouse during her leadership, maintaining sustained growth and client engagement. In addition to improving the company’s product offerings, Boswell’s strategic insight and commitment to innovation have strengthened its position as a leader in the cutthroat beauty and personal care sector.

2. Cynthia Chavez Lamar, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution 

Cynthia Chavez Lamar is a well-known person connected to the prestigious Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian. Lamar’s services have been crucial in showcasing the rich traditions and stories of Indigenous peoples as a vibrant advocate and cultural liaison. Her tireless efforts have improved the museum’s displays and enabled fruitful interaction between various groups and Indigenous cultures. Cynthia Chavez Lamar contributes significantly to the development of a more comprehensive knowledge of Native American history within the broader context of the Smithsonian Institution by her dedication to upholding traditions and promoting discussion.

3. Deborah Berke, TenBerke 

The architect and founder of TenBerke, Deborah Berke, has permanently altered the landscape of design. She has reshaped architectural paradigms with her dedication to meaningful, cutting-edge spaces. By skillfully fusing functionality and aesthetics, Berke creates inspiring and engaging settings. She is the driving force behind TenBerke, and she has an impact on many different initiatives, including residential and cultural places. Her emphasis on human-centric design, which reflects her view that architecture has the capacity to change experiences and enhance lives, is a resounding aspect of Berke’s legacy.

4. Laura Geller, Laura Geller Beauty 

The pioneer behind Laura Geller Beauty, Laura Geller, has left an enduring imprint on the cosmetics sector. Geller’s brand provides cutting-edge makeup products that blend creative flair and functionality thanks to a deep awareness of women’s beauty needs. Her distinctive method, which includes the well-known “Spackle” primer, has won a devoted following and changed the beauty regimens of numerous people. Geller’s dedication to empowering women via makeup and her focus on highlighting natural characteristics have cemented her reputation as a pioneer in the field of beauty. 

5. Ann Hand, Super League 

Hand led endeavors to change the esports landscape by making competitive gaming accessible to a worldwide audience while serving as CEO of Super League Gaming. She handled the complex convergence of gaming, media, and technology using her background in technology and entertainment, helping to shape the league’s expansion. Her visionary leadership highlighted esports’ potential to become a mainstream phenomenon and cemented her position as a powerful innovator at the nexus of sports and entertainment.

6. Sarah Harden, Hello Sunshine 

In the media world, Sarah Harden is well-known, particularly as the CEO of Hello Sunshine. Her visionary leadership has played a crucial role in advancing the organization’s aim to support varied storytelling and elevate the voices of women in the entertainment sector. Hello Sunshine has created outstanding material under her direction that appeals to a broad audience and addresses current social issues while valuing honesty. In addition to raising the company’s profile, Harden’s strategic vision has had a dramatic effect on media coverage and storylines. Her influence as a visionary leader continues to have a significant and positive impact on the direction of storytelling.

7. Viola Davis, Actress and Producer 

Powerhouse producer and actor Viola Davis is a well-known name in the entertainment world. Davis has a distinguished career that has spanned theater, television, and film. Because of her outstanding talent and authenticity, she has won numerous awards, including an Emmy and an Oscar. She uses her platform to address systemic issues in addition to her mesmerizing performances as an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. Through her production firm, she is highlighting underrepresented tales as a producer. Because of her relentless commitment to both her profession and social change, Viola Davis has cemented her reputation as a trailblazer and an inspiration in the entertainment industry.

8. Tracy Marek, US Figure Skating

As the CEO of the US figure skating community, Tracy Marek has made an enduring impression on the world of figure skating. Marek’s career has been distinguished by revolutionary efforts and partnerships that have elevated the sport to new heights. Marek is renowned for her dynamic leadership and inventive vision. She has won appreciation and respect for her devotion to developing talent and to establishing a thriving figure skating community. Tracy Marek has been a major driving factor behind the scenes, influencing the development of figure skating in the United States.

9. Marilyn Raybin, Marvell Foods

A well-known name in the world of culinary innovation is Marilyn Raybin, who is most known for her work with Marvell Foods. Her visionary leadership has pushed Marvell Foods to the forefront of developing distinctive and superior food solutions. Raybin’s skills have made Marvell Foods into a dynamic player in the business thanks to his genuine commitment to culinary quality and keen awareness of market trends. 

10. Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon and MGM Studios, Amazon

As the head of Amazon Studios and, as of recently, MGM Studios under Amazon’s ownership, Jennifer Salke plays a crucial part in determining the direction of the entertainment industry. She has led Amazon’s original content strategy to new heights, leveraging her vast industry experience and producing outstanding shows and films that enthrall viewers around the world. The acquisition of MGM Studios increased her influence even more and strengthened Amazon’s intellectual property and film portfolio. Beyond content creation, Salke’s influence may be seen in a variety of narratives and cutting-edge storytelling techniques.


Their experiences demonstrate the value of wisdom, resiliency, and dedication to pursuing their goals. Their stories encourage a generation to challenge norms, elevate voices, and promote change. This group of trailblazers is rewriting the stories of aging and success, and they are illuminating a future in which embracing disruption will be a guiding principle for both individual and societal development.

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