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Life Hacks: Simplify Your Daily Routine With These Must Know DIY’s

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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The everyday responsibilities of life can occasionally feel overwhelming, leading us to look for efficient quick cuts and creative solutions. We now have life hacks, clever techniques that simplify jobs, save time, and improve the effectiveness of our daily activities. We’ll present a variety of useful life hacks in this article, ranging from time management to home organization. You can overcome obstacles with ease and have a smoother, more organized lifestyle by implementing these tips into your daily life.

Life hacks are like undiscovered treasures that are just waiting to be found and cherished. These straightforward yet brilliant solutions have the potential to revolutionize our daily routines and instill some balance in our fast-paced lives.

1. Use an eraser to clean your smartphone screen

Image source : Tips-and-tricks.co

Learn how a rubber might be a surprising cleaning buddy for your smartphone. To remove dirt, fingerprints and smudges from your screen without harming it, gently massage it with a clean, soft rubber. The roughness of the rubber acts as a mild abrasive, leaving your screen spotless. Remember to turn off your device before cleaning, and apply gentle pressure to prevent screen damage. This clever trick ensures that your smartphone stays as pristine as the day you bought it by demonstrating that often the simplest methods provide the most amazing results.

2. Use a straw to take the top off a strawberry

Utilize a drinking straw’s simplicity to quickly remove strawberries’ tops. Push the straw through the strawberry’s bottom end to cleanly release the stem and leaves. This clever technique preserves the luscious sweetness of each strawberry while also saving time. Using a straw to remove the stems from strawberries is a quick and effective tip that guarantees you enjoy every delicious bite without any fuss, whether you’re preparing a batch for a cool summer snack or adding them to a sumptuous dessert.

3. Tie a knot in your earphones to tell them apart

Image source : Tips-and-tricks.co

Experiencing earphone tangles? Tie a knot close to the end of each earphone cord for an easy-to-use fix. By adding a tactile identification and preventing the cables from becoming jumbled up, this simple hack makes it simple to tell the left from the right earbud at a glance. The knot’s presence is undetectable but effective, allowing you to spend more time listening to music and less time untangling. This practical tip keeps your earbuds organized and guarantees a hassle-free listening experience every time, whether you’re resting at home or traveling.

4. Using banana peels as fertilizer

Image source : Fertilizerdaily.com

They encourage healthy development and improve soil quality since they are rich in vital elements including potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Peels can be chopped or blended, then buried near plant roots to start a slow, natural decomposition process. This waste-reduction method is eco-friendly and improves soil quality. Using banana peels as fertilizer offers a sustainable way to feed your greenery and support a robust, vibrant ecosystem, whether it’s inside potted plants or outdoor garden beds.

5. Use empty toilet rolls to organize your cable box

Utilize used toilet paper rolls to creatively arrange the mayhem around your cable box. Rolls should be labeled for easy identification before being slid over cables or cords. Create a tidy and practical layout inside the cable box by piling these organized tubes vertically. With this innovative trick, tangles are avoided, cable management is made simple, and the hassle of looking for the proper chord is gone. You can turn cable clutter into an organized system that guarantees smooth entertainment and straightforward tech maintenance by giving old home items a new purpose.

6. Use a pair of socks on a cold toilet seat

Use a pair of socks as a creative fix for a cold toilet seat to avoid chilly discomfort throughout the winter. To create a warm barrier between you and the frigid seat, place a sock over each end of the seat. This improvised seat cover instantly warms and comforts you, making your everyday routine more enjoyable. With this easy and inexpensive hack, you can brave the icy toilet seat with confidence even on the chilliest mornings and start your days with a little warmth and cleverness.

7. Reuse a used toilet paper roll on gift wrapping paper

Reusing a toilet paper roll might give gift-wrapping a greener edge. In order to secure the loose end, flatten the roll and place it atop a roll of wrapping paper. This easy trick keeps the paper from unraveling and keeps it in a neat, organized roll so you can start wrapping gifts right away. This eco-friendly tip not only minimizes trash but also gives your crafting area a useful touch. Take advantage of this resourceful recycling and reusing technique to make a common household item into a useful tool for beautifully wrapped presents while also promoting a greener lifestyle.

8. Use spaghetti to light hard-to-light candles

An unexpected solution can be found in your cupboard for lighting difficult-to-reach candles: spaghetti. A piece of dry spaghetti can be used as a quick candle lighter by simply lighting the end of the spaghetti. Watch as the flame moves effortlessly from the lit spaghetti to the wick of the resistant candle, lighting it without the need for awkward hand postures or repeated efforts. This clever life hack shows how a simple piece of spaghetti can make routine tasks more convenient and straightforward, making candle-lit times simple even when dealing with challenging wicks.

9. Use the tab on a can to hold your straw in place

Slide a wandering straw through the opening of the tab rather than fumbling with it. This clever technique holds the straw firmly in place and stops it from bobbling or dropping into the can. This brilliant solution keeps your straw exactly where you want it – submerged in your drink – whether you’re sipping at a picnic, on a road trip, or just relaxing at home. Accept this simple trick and wave goodbye to annoying straw mishaps so you may enjoy your favorite beverages without interruption.

10. Use a clothespin to hold your nail in place

Your DIY manicures will be revolutionized by a straightforward clothespin. Holding your nails steady while painting them might be difficult. To build a temporary holder, take a clothespin and affix it vertically to the base of your nail. This clever trick keeps your nail in place so you can apply polish with accuracy. No unintentional smudges or uneven coatings anymore! For both hands, this method produces salon-quality results with minimal effort. The clothespin nail holder is a simple but powerful item that completely changes the way you paint your nails, guaranteeing consistently perfect results.


The secrets to a world of efficiency and convenience are found in life hacks. You may streamline chores, reduce stress, and free up valuable time by adopting these innovative methods into your everyday routine. Every hack, from keeping your house organized to learning time management, leads to a more efficient and fulfilling way of life. As you use these clever shortcuts, keep in mind that minor adjustments can have a big impact, helping you to overcome obstacles and concentrate on the more important things like enjoying the ride and appreciating the beauty of each day.

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