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Red Carpet Choices Regretted By Celebs Till Date

by Brinda Goel
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Celebrities frequently use the red carpet, a representation of glitz and elegance, as a platform to highlight their individual styles and leave a lasting impression. However, even the biggest stars have moments when they make decisions that they later regret, amidst the glittering gowns and perfectly cut suits. Even the most well-known people occasionally make wardrobe mistakes, as evidenced by these fashion gaffes, which were snapped by the camera and burned into memory.

1. Meghan Markle 

Image Source: popsugar.co.uk

One of Meghan Markle’s regrettable decisions was her wardrobe for the “The Lion King” premiere’s red carpet. Although exquisite, the dress was criticized for its enormous fit and lack of tailoring, which failed to highlight her inherent grace. Her bright presence was overpowered by the ensemble’s color and style, which ruined what should have been a moment that stole the show. Markle, who is renowned for her elegant style, expressed sorrow about this particular outfit decision, serving as a reminder that even the most fashion-forward people occasionally make mistakes on the red carpet.

2. Sharon Stone 

Image Source: allure.com

Stone’s attempt to break tradition by donning a daring ensemble during the 1993 MTV Movies Awards Nights that included a black short dress, shining white hand gloves, and a pair of striking black heels was well received, but not in the way she had hoped. The outfit’s mismatched components diverged from the event’s sophisticated ambiance, causing confusion and criticism. Although Stone has subsequently gained notoriety, her dress from that year serves as a testament to the irrational nature of fashion experimentation and the persistent influence of red-carpet decisions.

3. Katy Perry 

Image Source: elle.com

Among her regrettable decisions is Katy Perry’s look for the 2019 Grammy Awards red carpet. Perry wore a voluminous pink Balmain gown with ruffles and a metallic belt, and the outfit drew mixed reactions from reviewers and fashion fans. The over-the-top clothing, which looked like a confection, made her look like a cake topper and cotton candy. Perry is renowned for her daring costume choices, but this one fell flat, leaving an everlasting impression of a playful yet regrettable red-carpet presence at one of music’s most prominent events.

4. Kim Kardashian 

Image Source: elle.com

Kim Kardashian’s 2013 Met Gala attire is still remembered as a poor decision in fashion. Her figure was completely absorbed by the Givenchy gown with its floral motif and matching gloves, which received mixed reviews. Instead of making a big statement as intended, the style drew parallels to a couch or curtain set. That night, Kardashian’s normally perfect sense of style fell flat, drawing harsh criticism and a tonne of memes. 

5. Cardi B

Image Source: glamour.com

One of Cardi B’s more disastrous red carpet looks from the 2018 American Music Awards (AMA) is this ensemble. The lavish floral outfit, which featured a large Dolce & Gabbana gown and headpiece, attracted attention for its overwhelming and detailed design. Although Cardi B is recognized for her daring sense of style, the elaborate accents and layers of this ensemble overshadowed her inherent charm. Despite her normal penchant for unorthodox style, this specific decision didn’t seem to have the desired effect, dividing both admirers and critics of fashion and marking a rare omission from her repertory of trendsetting looks.

6. Cher 

Image Source: people.com

One of the most regrettable decisions in design history was Cher’s Oscars red carpet ensemble from 1986. The look was a stark contrast to the formal elegance of the occasion and included an opulent black two-piece with a jeweled hat. Cher is known for her brazen fashion choices, yet this daring move brought forth uncertainty and criticism, which overshadowed Cher’s abilities and successes. The costume is still remembered today despite the passage of time, and it serves as a reminder that even famous people may make poor fashion decisions on the red carpet of Hollywood.

7. Bella Hadid 

Image Source: fashionista.com

A wardrobe catastrophe unintentionally stole the show despite the model’s bold decision to wear a pale pink gown with a thigh-high split. Even while the dress was beautiful, it revealed more than was intended, creating an unintentional media frenzy. The thin line between edgy and impractical fashion choices was brought to light by this incident for both celebrities and fashion lovers. Bella Hadid’s appearance at Cannes 2017 serves as a demonstration of the finer points of red-carpet attire and shows that even the most gorgeous occasions can present unforeseen difficulties.

8. Anne Hathaway 

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

However, let’s go back to 2002 when the actress donned an oddly casual costume to the 20th-anniversary premiere of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Anne Hathaway’s red carpet attire has also changed over time. Although Anne has natural beauty and can appear elegant in any outfit, a little cosmetics, and a chic outfit wouldn’t hurt! We don’t understand why she chose to dress for such a famous occasion in a loose, unbuttoned white blouse and a mid-calf length golden skirt. We quickly go past this disastrous show because of Anne’s endearing smile!

9. Madonna 

Image Source: vogue.co.uk

Madonna wore a corseted yellow dress by the then-relatively unknown designer Olivier Theyskens to the now-gone VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards. Theyskens gained notoriety thanks to the long-sleeved dress, which had gothic details throughout that Madonna emphasized with her jet-black hair. Despite the fact that Madonna is known for pushing the envelope, this specific ensemble is frequently criticized for its mismatched components and lack of coherence. The Queen of Pop is not immune to occasional sartorial blunders, as evidenced by this ensemble, which stands out among her adventurous fashion history.

10. Sophie Turner 

Image Source: insider.com

According to Sophie Turner, she will ‘forever regret’ the attire she chose for Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s wedding. The actress, who was accompanied by Maisie Williams, attended the weddings of her former Game of Thrones co-stars in a red blazer dress and over-the-knee boots in 2018. The actress said to ELLE that the ensemble was not her first choice because she had two other really classy outfits in mind to wear to the ceremony, but neither one fit her. Turner’s candor regarding the decision nevertheless emphasizes the idea that fashion is about experimentation and that even unfavorable decisions can add to the narrative of personal style as it develops. 

Wrapping Up

The red carpet, a place where fashion fantasies come true, may occasionally become a stage for poor decisions that stick in the minds of both celebrities and fashion fans. These moments of remorse show how fallible even the most recognizable personalities can be when it comes to fashion. But despite the regrets, these moments also provide the sparkle and glamor of human touch, reminding us that clothing is an art that is susceptible to interpretation, experimentation, and, occasionally, even a hint of regret.

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