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Revisiting Clothing Troubles And Their Useless Designing

by Brinda Goel
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The fashion industry frequently displays originality, creativity, and artistic expression. But despite the glamor of fashion week and the ever-evolving trends, there is rising worry about clothing with obtrusive design. These designs, which are more motivated by novelty than by functionality, cast doubt on the usefulness and real purpose of clothes. In this conversation, we explore the influence of clothing with designs that put beauty above utility while delving into the world of excessive fashion.

A careful inspection of clothing and its designs exposes a tension between creative vision and practicality in the sea of runway extravagance and fashion innovation.

1. Ripped Jeans

The possibility of these jeans being substantially damaged over time is a distinct concern posed by the expanding trend of ripped jeans. Although deliberate distressing adds flair, repeated wear, and tear can have unforeseen and frequently undesirable results. Initially, stylish ripped jeans may become excessively tattered, making them possibly inappropriate for some settings or events. For those who care about fashion, finding a way to reconcile the desire for a distressed look with retaining practical clothing can be challenging. By maintaining the proper balance between sensible wear and sporadic repairs, ripped jeans can be kept looking stylish without going over the line into extreme discomfort. 

2. The Pocketless Pockets 

Because of these false embellishments, pockets look to have functional depth yet do not, leaving wearers dissatisfied with their lack of usefulness. These fake pockets, which can be found on skirts, trousers, or coats, make us wonder where fashion and utility meet. The ubiquity of pocketless pockets encourages a rigorous assessment of customer needs and the significance of functional design as fashion changes. This odd trend highlights the continuing debate between usefulness and beauty and pushes the fashion industry to balance fashion with practical functionality.

3. The Size Issues

Individuals frequently find themselves trying on various sizes or placing online orders without precise fit information due to inconsistent sizing standards, which can be confusing and frustrating. This discrepancy damages consumer confidence while also wasting time and money. As people may have size differences that alter their perception, it also affects how they feel about their bodies and their self-worth. Transparent sizing charts and industry-wide standardization are needed to solve this problem. A consistent size system would give customers more control over their purchases, improve their shopping experience, and encourage a better relationship with apparel and self-image.

4. Proportioned Pants?

Finding trousers that fit properly at the waist and the length can be difficult for many people, especially for those with unusual body shapes. Standard size frequently fails to account for differences in body shape, producing ill-fitting trousers that either necessitate adjustments or sacrifice comfort and aesthetic. This problem emphasizes the demand for specialized alternatives and inclusive sizing to fit various body forms. By addressing the issue of proportional trousers, consumers may feel more confident and satisfied, opening the door for a more inclusive and client-centered approach to fashion.

5. Strapless? Where is the Support? 

There is no denying the charm of strapless clothing, which exudes refinement and elegance. Underneath the glitz, there is a widespread issue: a lack of support. Dresses and shirts with straps frequently sacrifice functionality for fashion. Wearers may experience discomfort, need frequent adjustments, and restricted mobility as a result of the absence of straps, leaving them to wonder where the support is. While fashion seeks to make a statement, it’s important to combine wearability with beauty. It’s crucial to address the support issue with strapless designs to guarantee that comfort doesn’t suffer for elegance.

6. The Wrinkles 

Fabrics like silk, linen, and delicate synthetics are prone to creasing despite careful selection and preparation, particularly during wear. An outfit’s elegance can be diminished by wrinkles, which often require frequent modifications. Although the issue can be lessened by selecting the right fabric and storing items properly, creases will always appear. Innovative remedies, such as wrinkle-resistant materials and garment steamers, aim to solve the issue and guarantee that gowns keep their impeccable appearance throughout the day. Getting rid of creases is still a goal in the pursuit of impeccable clothing.

9. Polo Necks

Polo necks are known for their snug fit around the neck, which some people with sensitive skin or certain medical conditions may find uncomfortable or irritating. Additionally, the longer neckline might not be everyone’s cup of tea in terms of aesthetics, which might restrict the available clothing options. Climate issues can arise since polo necks can be uncomfortable in warm temperatures. Polo necks are admired for their elegance, but before adding one to their wardrobe, people should think about their comfort level and personal fashion preferences, striking a balance between style and utility.

8. Baggy Knees

This problem develops as a result of the fabric stretching and losing its original shape after continuous use and washing. It not only detracts from the desired fit and appearance but also from general comfort when moving. The appeal of the outfit can be diminished by baggy knees, which can create an untidy or droopy appearance. Using the right laundry procedures, selecting high-quality materials, or selecting well-made track pants that maintain their shape over time to ensure a polished and fashionable appearance are some possible solutions to this issue.

9. Yellow or White?

Yellow stains on white clothing are a persistent issue that is frequently brought on by a mix of body oils, sweat, and poor washing methods. These unattractive stains may quickly ruin the crisp look of white clothing, making it appear worn and untidy. On sensitive fabrics, the yellowing effect is particularly apparent. Wearing undershirts or applying antiperspirants are preventative methods that can help lessen the problem. Additionally, professional stain removers can be used or white clothing can be brightened by soaking it in a solution of vinegar and water before laundering.  

10. Heels and Mud: The Enemies

The conflict between elegance and practicality is exemplified by heels and mud, two rivals trapped in an endless war. The appeal of fashionable heels frequently clashes with the untidy reality of dirt, creating a conflict that calls into question the grandeur of fashion. City streets, outdoor gatherings, and rainy days all become potential battlefields due to these competing forces. This age-old conflict is exemplified by stilettos sinking into the ground with their elegance tarnished by splatters. The conflict between heels and mud serves as a stark reminder that even the most exquisite designs must struggle with the erratic forces of nature in this delicate tango between refinement and nature.


The fashion industry is known for its ingenuity and willingness to experiment, yet the proliferation of garments with pointless designs forces a reevaluation of the relationship between aesthetics and utility. While creative innovation is important, it’s also critical to take the sustainability and usability of garment designs into account. As buyers, we have the authority to demand well-considered, functional clothing that not only appeals to the senses but also meets our needs on a daily basis. We can support a more aware and sustainable fashion sector that emphasizes both aesthetics and practicality by encouraging a responsible attitude to clothes.

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