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Sakura Spider Returns: Exciting New Spider-Man Manga 

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Get ready, Spider-Man lovers, as the legendary “Sakura Spider” triumphantly makes her comeback in a brand-new manga series. This is going to be a web-slinging adventure unlike any other. Sakura Spider swings back into action, enthralling fans with her special combination of bravery, agility, and cherry blossom-inspired abilities. The worlds of manga and superheroes combine once more. In this essay, we’ll explore Sakura Spider’s thrilling comeback and the excitement that surrounds this novel spin on the Spider-Man legend.

Over the past few years, Spider-man comics, particularly those of the Spider-Verse sort, have developed a reputation for offering fresh iterations of the well-known character. Most of these variants only get to appear in a single issue of Edge of Spider-Verse, but a select handful, like today’s Sakura Spider, have been given the chance to make many appearances.

Sakura Spider, real name Hida Haruka, made her debut as a significant supporting figure in the 2020 Shonen Jump and Viz Media series Deadpool Samurai. She joined the Samurai Squad, a division of the Avengers with a Japanese focus, and there she teamed up with Deadpool. She later made an appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #3 in 2022, when her origin and past were further explored. She recently reappeared in the manga Spider-Man Octopus Girl by Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court, creators of My Hero Academia Vigilantes. According to the manga’s plot, Otoha Okutamiya, a Japanese middle school student, is the body in which the infamous Spider-Man antagonist Doctor Octopus awakens.

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He robs an old Parker Industries building in the manga’s second chapter to get his neural scanner so he can get back to his body, but Sakura Spider confronts him and tries to stop him. Since there was no prior indication that this manga took place on Sakura Spider’s homeworld of Earth-346, her appearance in it came as quite a surprise to readers. However, now that she has made an appearance, readers can anticipate what is likely to be the most screen time she has received since Deadpool Samurai.

Although Spider-man Octopus Girl does not yet have an official translation license, let’s hope that Viz will eventually pick it up, much like they did with Deadpool Samurai!


A thrilling new chapter in the ever-expanding Spider-Man universe is promised with the appearance of Sakura Spider in a brand-new Spider-Man manga. Fans are intrigued by her blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and Spider-Man’s recognizable heroism and are eager to follow her on her new adventure. Readers can anticipate an exciting and graphically spectacular addition to the Spider-Man canon as they get ready to accompany Sakura Spider on her upcoming spider-inspired adventure. This will serve as a gentle reminder to everyone that there are various ways to convey the timeless story of a hero with enormous power and responsibility.

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