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Splendor Review – All You Need To Know About This Board Game

by Brinda Goel
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We can enter other worlds, put our strategies to the test, and share special moments with friends and family when we play board games. A sparkling treasure in the board gaming industry is “Splendor,” a tabletop game created by Marc André. This game has enthralled players all over the world because it combines exquisite simplicity with strategic depth. In this review, we’ll explore what makes “Splendor” unique, as well as its mechanics, gameplay, and the reasons why any board game fan must own it.

In this game, players assume the role of affluent Renaissance merchants who trade gems for exquisite jewelry. Splendor is a 30-minute-long abstract card drafting and engine-building game for 2 to 4 players. Splendor contains a small number of really high-quality parts. The cards feature a beautiful material, white borders on the backs to assist hide wear, and extremely attractive front graphics that look fantastic without borders. Additionally, there are gems, which come in 6 various colors and are excellent poker chips.  

The distinctive quality of “Splendor” is its openness to new players, which makes it a great option for novices while simultaneously providing enough depth to please more experienced players. The simple rules allow for both casual and competitive play, but as the game goes on, the decision-making becomes more difficult. Many games come with tiny plastic gems that are supposed to resemble gems, but it’s evident that those will always feel cheap. Despite the fact that a heavy poker chip may not seem like a gem, throwing one across the table has a significant and upscale sense that is far more in keeping with being a gem magnate than plastic would be. 

One of Splendor’s numerous advantages is that setup just takes a few seconds. There are three decks of cards, each with a different level, in the middle of everyone. Four cards from each tier are laid out in front of everyone, and this serves as the “market” where people can purchase cards. Every time one of these cards is removed, a fresh card is drawn from the deck to take its place. Tier 1 cards are very simple to purchase, but Tier 2 cards are much out of your price range at the beginning of the game, and Tier 3 cards won’t be available until very close to the conclusion. 

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Each card contains three essential pieces of information: the quantity and color of gems you must spend to purchase it; the type of gem the card will add to your collection; and, on some cards, a large number that represents the number of points you receive towards the 15 required to win.  You have three options on your turn: take up to three poker chip gems from the piles, which you can use to purchase cards on subsequent turns; purchase a card from the center to add to your collection of gems; or reserve’ a card by removing it from the center grid and keeping it nearby, available to purchase and add to your tableau on a subsequent turn (but now no one else can have it). 

However, purchasing cards is only a means to a goal. Those less expensive Tier 1 cards are typically worth zero or very few points. Therefore, you should start making plans to get higher-tier cards at the moment when you can afford them easily because they are much more expensive. You’ll need to make a plan with the cards you previously purchased in order to obtain the higher tier cards, aiming for certain higher tier cards (and making sure no one else gets there first). 

The work you do to build your little gem empire is interesting enough turn-by-turn, followed by a dash for the points at the end, that we have never found to be a problem. In the same way that all great card games are interesting because every turn offers interesting choices, rather than the entire game changing each time, we have never found it to be a problem.

One of the best board games you can buy right now, in our opinion, is Splendor. Its extremely wide appeal makes it simple to start up again and again, with novice players or seasoned pros. It is competitive without being brutal. 

It also comes in a box that is reasonably sized, fits on any bookshelf, and is relatively inexpensive. It’s a really excellent pick if you’re seeking to get into playing contemporary board games; if you’re an experienced player looking for a fun economic game that can be taken out of the box and played in little more than three minutes, it’s also ideal.

Final Word

In the realm of board games, “Splendor” stands out because it offers a beautiful balance of accessibility and depth. It’s a wonderful addition to any game night thanks to its sophisticated mechanics, captivating gameplay, and gorgeous components. “Splendor” is a gem of a game that will have you going back for more strategic fun and special moments with friends and family, whether you’re an experienced player or new to the tabletop world.

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