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10 Surprising Vaseline Beauty Hacks We Never Thought Of!

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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For decades, people have relied on Vaseline, a ubiquitous household product that can be found in many medical cabinets, as a multipurpose skin moisturizer and protector. However, its useful applications go far beyond customary skincare regimens. 

In this post, we explore some unusual and unexpectedly ingenious use for Vaseline that you might not have known about. Get ready to learn the clever ways this inexpensive petroleum jelly can be used to address common issues, from housekeeping fixes to beauty hacks and beyond.

1. Hide your Split Ends

If you can’t get a haircut soon away, split ends might be a nuisance. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with their appearance till after your subsequent salon visit. By rubbing some Vaseline into the ends of your hair with your fingertips, you can improve the appearance of your split ends. Your hair will attach to itself thanks to this easy trick, creating the appearance of one continuous strand.

2. Keeping Polish on Your Nails

It can be difficult to paint your nails, especially if you’re using your stronger hand. Even the most talented among us occasionally paints their nails outside the lines. Fortunately, a little Vaseline will help maintain nail paint in its proper location. Vaseline can be applied to the skin surrounding your nails to prevent lacquer from adhering where it shouldn’t. Just dab a little petroleum jelly around your nail before painting!

3.  Create Your Own Lip Stain

One of the best makeup items to have in your arsenal is lip stain. It can help give your appearance a natural pigment, and it is made to last all day. However, the expense of beauty materials can be rather high. That is why DIY cosmetics have grown to be so well-liked over time. In light of this, a cheap product can be replaced by a quick hack involving Vaseline and Kool-Aid. You will receive a quick and basic lip stain after doing this that will last all day.

4. Repair Your Wooden Furniture

Furniture made of wood has long been in vogue. However, one drawback of it is how quickly it may be harmed. Vaseline won’t do much for big projects, but if your wooden table has a little scratch, you don’t need to go shopping for replacements just yet. Instead, all you have to do is apply some Vaseline and wait 24 hours. Once you’ve removed the excess, you should be set to go!

5. Keep Your Perfume on Longer

Using perfume is a terrific technique to give your look depth and ensure that you smell great all day. Unfortunately, after wearing it for a while, it starts to fade. Putting a thin layer of Vaseline wherever you apply your perfume – beneath your ears and on the wrists — can help it last all day long, ensuring that you always smell fresh. Vaseline won’t interfere with your perfume because it doesn’t have a scent, either!

6. Create a Homemade Lip Scrub

Sugar and salt scrubs are excellent for exfoliating lips and skin. To ensure you receive the outcomes you want, you must use the appropriate ingredients. Vaseline can actually be used as the base for your lip scrub because it will help bind the components together and moisturize the lips while they are being scrubbed. There are many various recipes you may use for a scrub, but in general, you want to combine Vaseline with salt or sugar.

7. Get Earrings in Easier

Vaseline might serve as a useful lubricant to aid you in putting in your favorite set of earrings if you’re having problems doing so comfortably. To be clear, this only applies for piercings that are still open; if the rear of the piercing in your ear has closed up, it won’t be of any use to you. It’s the same idea as when individuals extend their ears when putting new jewelry in them and use ear butter to lessen friction.

8. Heal Cracked Heels

Heels with dry, cracked skin can be unpleasant and ugly. They may, however, appear difficult to manage if you are unsure of how to go. Vaseline can help moisturize your feet and revive a healthy appearance, which is wonderful news. All you have to do to do this is to leave it on your toes overnight until you see that the cracks have disappeared. It’s an excellent choice to sleep without socks on because Vaseline can get a little sticky!

9. Prevent Painting Mishaps

Vaseline has a lot to give when you’re painting a room, in addition to what we have discussed while attempting to paint your nails with it. A room can look like it was DIYed by a novice if paint is dropped on a doorknob or a small portion of a window by accident. By applying Vaseline to these places and wiping them off after you finish painting, you can avoid this and achieve an expert appearance on your own.

10. Fix That Squeaky Door

You should probably lubricate the hinge if your door is squeaking. Many folks reach for a container of WD-40 at this stage. However, not every individual has this available in their homes. If you don’t, don’t worry; you can always reach for your convenient jar of Vaseline. Simply rub some Vaseline on the hinge; go as heavy-handed as you like. It will grease the hinge and enable smooth door movement.

Vaseline Hacks To Know ASAP!

Vaseline shows to be more than just a go-to product for skin care thanks to its straightforward yet powerful recipe. Its potential as a useful tool for numerous reasons is illustrated by the creative usage and adaptable applications covered in this article. 

Vaseline is extremely practical and versatile, helping with everything from makeup removal to rust prevention to even zipper repair. So, the next time you grab that jar of Vaseline, consider its untapped potential and all the convenient things it may do for you.

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