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The Infamous Break-up Story of Mattie and Bella? Know The Full Story!

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Now, this is an interesting update, Mattie and Bella ending their relationship? Many of their fans are curious to find out the truth after hearing about their breakup. If you are one of them, which I’m assuming you are, this article right here is for you, I’ve curated the various news articles that speculated their reasons for the break-up, and for those who do not know about them, I’ve got you! In the first part of this article, I’ll be taking up the basic background information about Mattie Westbrouck and Isabella Avila.  

Who are Mattie Westbrouck and Isabella Avila?

Mattie Westbrouck and Isabella Avila are both influential TikTokers known for their humorous videos and performances, they were born in September of 2000 and April of 2000 respectively, making them 23 years old as of October 2023. Now, talking about the content they post on their social media, Mattie’s content has a devoted fan base due to their affinity to the famous band- One Direction. 

Isabella is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, but currently, she is based in California. The primary focus of her videos is usually creative routines, technology, psychology, and point-to-point comedy. She had a YouTube Channel before launching TikTok, she began making videos in the year 2016, and the first TikTok video was in February 2019. She also gained attention after her 2018 music release “Senioritis” and her collaborations with artists such as GoldLink and YNW Kelly. 

Did Mattie And Bella Break Up? 

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Mattie and Bella met on Social Media, well that is where most influencer relationships begin, their relationship started blooming as they became companions, and over time, they fell in love and entered into a full-fledged romantic relationship. Like every other celebrity, they kept their relationship covert and referred to one another as friends but then later on the occasion of Valentines’ Day, they confirmed their dating status through heartfelt social media posts. For a really long time, both of them appeared in each other’s videos, sharing their love story with their followers. 

Whereas, after a year, both of them verified their breakup, which did hurt a lot of their admirers as a result of that there have been a lot of rumors of the reasons for their split-up but nothing has ever been confirmed by the concerned parties as they have chosen to not comment on this publicly. Some of the rumors included Mattie cheating on Bella and also some blaming Mattie’s infidelity for the same.  

The current relationship of both the influencers is unknown and they maintain the privacy of their relationship it seems! However, they have been loyal to their fans on TikTok and other platforms as they have been regular with posting videos for their beloved followers. 


Relationships have always been very delicate to handle and require the love and trust of both the people who share the bond, the beautiful relationship between Mattie and Bella started with friendship and affection which has now ended, but that isn’t the end, they have moved on from that phase of their life with beautiful memories and also some lessons, and have been focusing on their career respectively. We wish them good luck! 

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