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Tips For Healthy, Strong, And Beautiful Nails: Do’s & Dont’s

by Brinda Goel
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Like the face, the condition of your nails may tell you a lot about your overall health. Nail care should be part of your regular beauty routine with skin care and hair care. Maintaining clean, healthy-looking nails that are neither too brittle nor too soft requires a balanced diet, regardless of whether you like short or long nails. 

Sometimes our nails will peel and become a strange hue, or you could see a few white patches here and there. All of these issues may be avoided with consistent attention to detail. There are techniques to maintain healthy nails despite the fact that the skin around them might swell, cause discomfort, or change color often. 

Things You Should Do To Keep Nails Healthy

#Trim And Shape Your Nails Regularly

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Keeping nice nails really helps keep them healthy, unlike tanning, waxing, and the many other tortures women experience to keep up with society’s ideals of beauty. It’s a benefit that this solution keeps your wardrobe safe from damage caused by nail snagging or shredding fabric.

#Keep Your Nails Clean And Dry

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This helps keep harmful germs and fungus at bay. Dishwashing liquids may promise to be excellent for your nails, but you shouldn’t believe the label. A lot of damage may be done by combining hot water and soap. To avoid getting your hands dirty when washing the dishes, invest in a pair of fashionable gloves.

#Apply Lotion To Your Cuticles

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The cuticles are the sole barrier between the nail bed and potential pathogens like germs and fungus. Nail bed damage may be avoided by keeping them moisturized and avoiding cracking and peeling.

#Make Sure Your Nail Equipment Has Been Sterilised

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You should not give in to your frugal side and use the same leopard print nail file you did in college. Not at all! To avoid the growth of germs and other microorganisms, nail instruments should be cleaned and sterilized thoroughly and nail files should be replaced on a regular basis.

#Remove Any Debris And Disinfect Any Wounds On The Cuticle

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Nail infections are not only unsightly but also dangerous because they affect the thin skin directly around the nail. Use antibiotic cream on any wounds or scrapes away.

#Ingrown And Torn Nails Should Be Treated Without Delay

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Ingrown nails and torn nails are not only painful but also unsightly, therefore it’s important to get them treated right once to prevent infection. Most may be treated well with antibiotic ointment and a little TLC. A dermatologist may be needed to treat these disorders in extremely unusual circumstances.

#Get Some Zinc And Biotin Pills

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The “hair, nail, and skin supplements” you find at health food stores may be the answer to your thin, brittle fingernails.

#Put On Some Gloves

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Your hands and nails take a battering when you spend hours a day standing at the washbasin doing dishes, cleaning with harsh chemicals or picking weeds from the garden. Try wearing gloves if you want to save your nails and hands from the damage that everyday tasks can inflict.

#Apply Nail Paint On The Nail’s Outside

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Polishing your nails with either a clear coat or normal polish can help protect them from drying out and splitting. In addition, if you keep your nails painted, you may feel more inclined to use your hands to indicate items on the menu to the waiter.

#Check Out Your Salon

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Do you know the most typical nail salon infection? Warts. Yuck. Ensure your salon has a valid license, is clean and sanitary, and has not been fined by the local health department to prevent these and other diseases.

Things You Shouldn’t Do For Healthy Nails

#Use Nails As Tools

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This temptation is definitely difficult to resist. When food has baked onto a skillet, there’s no need to waste time and effort scraping it off when our fingernails will do just as good a job. However, injuries to the cuticles and the nails can result from excessive poking, prying, and picking.

#Do Something As Bad As Biting Your Nails

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Consider all the things you’ve plucked or scraped with those fingers on the last day the next time you feel the impulse to bite them. Disgusting! Nail beds can be damaged by biting, and your mouth can get dirty and infected from the dirt and germs that you ingest. Instead of worrying, try stretching out on a yoga mat or meditating.

#Remove Hangnails

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It may look like a dangling Chad and demand to be plucked, but don’t! You risk exposing your nails and hands to fungal and bacterial infections by ripping away healthy tissue.

#Retain The Cuticle Too Far Back

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Cuticle care is sometimes overdone by nail aficionados, but it is essential that this skin be left alone as much as possible because it serves to protect the nail. Cut just the loose skin using sharp, clean cuticle clippers.

#Use Nail Polish Remover Too Often

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You should resist the temptation to remove the electric blue nail paint and replace it with bright green. Nail polish remover can be drying and harmful if used excessively. You may want to limit yourself to using an acetone-free nail polish remover once a week.

#Remove The Nail Polish

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Polish peeling, like chewing one’s nails, is a neurotic behavior that serves no useful purpose. Nail layers are also removed. Instead of using stress on your nails to remove lacquer, try using polish remover.

#Prepare To Soak Your Nails For A While

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A lengthy, hot bath might be precisely what the doctor recommends for anybody under stress, but prolonged submersion can damage your nails and cuticles. Have fun in the tub, but keep your hands from getting bored by reading a page-turner or flipping through HealthScope.

#Give Out Your Nail File Number

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Remember that leopard-print nail file you used in college? Don’t tell anyone about it. Using a nail file that has already been used by someone else is a definite method to introduce bacteria and other organisms into your body. Get a new file and toss the old one out of your bag.

#Don’t Worry About Swelling, Unusual Growths, Discordant Hues, Or Textures

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The color and consistency of healthy nails should be consistent. See a dermatologist if you see anything unusual on your skin since it might be a precursor to a more serious condition.

#Barefoot Walking

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Many of us throw caution to the breeze and run around our homes or yards barefoot or sockless when the weather is warm. Running around barefoot, however freeing, is like inviting fungus and germs to your foot party. Covering your feet will prevent you from spreading germs to your guests. Polishing your nails with either a clear coat or normal polish can help protect them from drying out and splitting. In addition, if you keep your nails painted, you may feel more inclined to use your hands to indicate items on the menu to the waiter.

Final Word Of Advice

Manicures and pedicures may help your nails look great, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Every nail shop worth its nails will have the proper state licensing. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that this only ensures a minimum level of competence in providing services like manicures and pedicures and does not vouch for the quality of service provided or the tidiness of the establishment.

The cuticles protect the nail plate and skin from becoming separated. Make sure your nail tech meticulously sterilises all equipment before each client to prevent the transmission of infection.

We employ bleach-based treatments and regular filter changes to keep the space clean and healthy for all of our clients.

When it comes to self-care, nails are frequently disregarded. Nonetheless, they reveal a great deal about your character and health.

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