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Hair Problems Caused By Shampoo: Tips For Long Healthy Hair

by Brinda Goel
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In this article, I’m gonna show you the most common signs that your shampoo is not working on your hair. In fact, it is actually ruined. So if you have two or more of these signs, you’ll know your shampoo is bad news.

Constant Dry, Itchy Scalp

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Let’s begin with, the first common sign in your shampoo is ruining your hair is – a constant dry, itchy scalp. If you wash your hair and your scalp always feels dry and gets super itchy, especially closer to your next hair wash, then this could be a sign your shampoo is the problem. The shampoo is what you need to clean your hair properly, but also can be the main cause of scalp sensitivity for many people due to the harsh cleansers and surfingtons in many shampoos.

Some of these ingredients can wash away the natural oils or the scout natural acidity, which is what protects the skin, leaving your scalp exposed to dryness and irritation more, more often. In this case, what you can do is monitor how many times this happens. So, if the fourth time you wash your hair and the problem persists, it’s time to find a new shampoo, preferably one that is labeled sulfate-free to reduce dryness and flakiness.

Also, avoiding synthetic fragrances in your shampoo can help you reduce irritation on your sensitive scalp look for pH balance shampoos as well, which are gonna help in keeping the scout environment and healthy conditions.

Sudden Hair Fall

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The next time your shampoo is bad, your hair will suddenly fall. Let’s be clear, hair shedding in the shower is absolutely normal as long as it is between 50 to 150 hair strengths a day. You don’t have to worry about it unless you spot excessive hair shedding. And with this thinning on the hair or even bald spots, then we need to take action. Hairfall due to shampoo a lot of the time doesn’t happen in the first wash.

It develops over time, and it can happen when you introduce a new shampoo because one or more than two ingredients are irritating your scalp, or it can even trigger your old shampoo due to the changes in your body. So what was working before it doesn’t do it anymore. So changing shampoo is a good idea if this is happening.

So here’s a trick, a simple way to know if your shampoo is the root of your excessive hair shedding, or if there’s something else triggering. So for this, you need to switch to a gentle shampoo. Use about five to six washes, and if your hair shedding gets reduced, chances are it is. The current shampoo you’re using and you need to avoid it immediately. And if you don’t see changes, then you can try another shampoo. But if you’re still having the same problem, chances are, it can be something else. And for that, you need to go check with your doctor.

Brittle Hair

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The next noticeable sign that your shampoo is ruining your hair is brittle hair. If after washing your hair with shampoo, the texture of your strengths feels rough to the touch, they look dry, dull, and brittle, even when you use conditioner or a hair mask afterward. It is because your shampoo is not only removing dirt, it’s also absorbing all the moisture out of your hair. When your shampoo washes away the natural oils on your hair, it leaves your hair more susceptible to breakage when you brush it or even when you run your fingers through it.

However, before discarding your shampoo, there are a few mistakes that can lead you to think your shampoo is a problem, but sometimes it is not the first. Make sure you’re not overusing shampoo or shampoo at the end of your hair because these mistakes can cause dryness and breakage over time. So remember, in every wash, clean your scalp only and ease this amount of shampoo.

Another important thing to do is to rinse your shampoo out of your hair completely because if you don’t, you can totally dry out and make your hair look crunchy. If you make these changes and you don’t see positive results in the first or second wash, then you need a new shampoo that is more gentle and it does not contain ingredients like Alcohol, silicone, or protein, especially if your hair is low porosity, protein buildup can lead to hair that feels stiff and breaks easily, so keep that in mind.

Matted, Tango, And Unmanageable Hair

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If after conditioning your hair, your hair immediately feels matted, tango, or it’s unmanageable, that is a sign your shampoo is ruining your hair. Your answer is not supposed to be extremely tangled after conditioning.

It should be fairly easy to brush them after. So if this is not your case and your hair, it’s extremely tangled and not easy to brush through after a shower. This could be a sign your shampoo is stripping the pH level of your hair, the natural moisture. pH in your hair prevents strength from sticking together.

When you use the wrong shampoo, the mat in the hair happens because the cuticle of your hair is lifted. So the texture of your strengths becomes dry and rough over time, which results in unmanageable dry hair. So the best thing you can do here is to use a pH-balanced shampoo that is sulfate-free, and it’s also meant for hydrating and moisturizing your hair so that you can recover the strength and get it back to its more natural texture.

Extremely Oily Roots

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While some shampoos can overdry your scalp, others can cause you extremely oily roots, which is another common sign your shampoo might be ruining your hair. After every wash, your roots should feel very fresh and super clean because that’s what shampoo is meant to do. But if you recently wash your hair and your scalp always feels as if it hasn’t been washed at all, or it feels way down post-shower, even worse, the roots get greasy or feel waxy after a couple of hours of washing your hair.

Then the shampoo you’re using might have a lot of conditioner or silicone in it, which could be two heavy ingredients for your particular hair type, and it’s causing you oily roots. So in this case, what you can do is to add to your hair wash routine, a clarifying shampoo once a week to help you to remove all product buildup.

You can also switch to a lightweight moisture shampoo, and also good practice is to make sure to avoid applying conditioner near the roots because sometimes this could be the reason why your roots are getting greasy and it has nothing to do with your shampoo.

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