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Top 10 Beauty Bloggers To Follow For Expert Tips and Inspiration

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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Beauty bloggers are now a go-to source for professional advice, product suggestions, and transforming techniques in the huge world of cosmetics and skincare. These influencers attract audiences with their compelling material thanks to their extensive knowledge, inventiveness, and passion for all things beautiful. We’ve compiled a list of beauty bloggers who are worth following, whether you’re looking for skincare recommendations, cosmetic tutorials, or product reviews. Get ready to delve into a world of knowledge and inspiration for beauty!

The way we approach skincare regimens, makeup application, and self-care practices has been revolutionized by beauty bloggers. These gifted people have built a huge fan base by imparting their knowledge, wisdom, and experience in the field of beauty. They provide a variety of knowledge that can be beneficial to you, from skincare enthusiasts to cosmetics professionals. 

1. Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) 

Huda Kattan is a major player and a force in the beauty industry. She is the founder and CEO of Huda Beauty, a well-known brand known for its high-end cosmetics and beauty concepts. Huda’s career began as a beauty blogger and makeup artist, where she shared her passion for beauty and gained a devoted following. 

Huda Kattan has more than 53 million Instagram followers as of 2023. She won Women’s Wear’s 2016 Digital Innovator of the Year honor in the premium cosmetics category. In 2021, she also received Glamour Magazine’s Entrepreneurial Gamechanger of the Year honor. The Knot named Huda Beauty’s synthetic eyelashes the finest in the business in 2017. In addition to Rowling’s name and Kim Kardashian West, Kattan was named one of Time’s 25 Most Influential People Online.

Unquestionably, Huda Kattan has had an impact on the beauty sector, and that impact only continues to expand with time. Make sure you’re following Huda Kattan if you have an interest in skincare, makeup, or beauty for all the newest advice, ideas, and videos.

2. Katie Jane Hughes (@katiejanehughes) 

With over 871K followers on Instagram,  Katie has established herself as a go-to expert for skincare and makeup advice because of her trademark dewy and radiant skin appearance. She encourages her fans to embrace their own inherent beauty. Katie Jane Hughes is a makeup artist and beauty influencer who has revolutionized the business with her distinct aesthetic and contagious energy. She pushes boundaries with a lively and experimental use of color and texture, inspiring her audience to have fun and express themselves via cosmetics. 

Katie has a devoted following because of her approachable demeanor and engaging material. She offers her knowledge through tutorials, product suggestions, and frank evaluations. She is a true beauty inspiration because, through her platform, she encourages people to accept their uniqueness and celebrate self-expression.

3. James Charles (@jamescharles) 

James has a sizable fan base that is around 21.5 M followers on Instagram as of 2023 and is internationally renowned as a makeup artist, beauty influencer, and businessperson. He has grabbed audiences with his vivacious attitude and bold use of cosmetics, encouraging people to embrace their individual beauty and find new ways to express themselves. James is renowned for his impeccable makeup looks, including elaborate eye art and bold, dramatic transformations. 

He has used his platform to promote inclusion, diversity, and self-acceptance in addition to his artistic talent, enabling people to embrace their true selves. James Charles continues to make an enduring impression on the beauty business with his cutting-edge partnerships, tutorials, and product launches, motivating millions to unleash their creativity and rethink what it means to be beautiful.

4. Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock) 

With his contagious charm, sharp humor, and daring sense of style, Bretman Rock, a well-known social media celebrity, has won the hearts of millions. Bretman has established himself as a key player in the fashion and beauty sectors thanks to his colorful makeup styles, amusing films, and unabashed self-expression. Along with creating compelling material, he also exudes confidence, promotes body acceptance, and shares lessons of self-love, encouraging his audience to embrace their individuality. 

Bretman Rock has amassed a devoted following on social media because of his genuine and approachable demeanor, which has helped him establish himself as an industry hero. He continues to shatter stereotypes, challenge conventions, and inspire others to embrace their true selves, having an impact that goes beyond the digital sphere.

5. Naomi Giannopoulos (@vegas_nay)

Naomi has grabbed a global audience with her undeniable talent and passion for all things cosmetics through her transforming tutorials, gorgeous makeup looks, and sincere attitude towards beauty. Her artistic prowess has no bounds as she consistently pushes the envelope, experimenting with vivid colors, complicated patterns, and cutting-edge methods. 

By working with well-known brands and encouraging and empowering her followers to embrace their individual beauty, Naomi has demonstrated her skill in the beauty sector. Naomi Giannopoulos is still a source of creativity and inspiration in the beauty industry thanks to her contagious personality and uncompromising commitment to her art. Currently she has over 6 Million followers on Instagram. 

6. Desi Perkins (@desiperkins) 

Through her social media accounts and YouTube channel, Desi has developed a sizable fan base. She has earned a reputation for her perfect makeup looks, professional instructions, and approachable demeanor and has grown to be a dependable source of beauty inspiration for millions of people worldwide. With her genuine excitement for the beauty industry and her ability to effortlessly integrate high-end products with drugstore bargains, Desi connects with her audience on a deep level. 

Along with sharing glimpses of her personal life, Desi uses her platform to advocate for inclusivity, optimism, and self-love. She is not just a gifted artist but also a role model for aspiring cosmetics fans thanks to her genuineness and relatability. Desi Perkins continues to have a huge influence on the beauty industry and inspires many who look up to her.

7. Dulce Candy (@dulcecandy) 

Dulce Candy is a well-known lifestyle and beauty influencer who has had a big impact online. She has a devoted following thanks to her outgoing personality, sincere genuineness, and in-depth understanding of beauty and design. Her videos include a wide range of subjects, including personal vlogs, skincare routines, fashion hauls, and cosmetic tips, and stands out for her capacity to relate to her audience personally while conveying relatable experiences and motivational themes of self-love and empowerment. 

Dulce uses her platform to inspire her fans to embrace their individuality and chase their aspirations in addition to offering helpful beauty tips and outfit ideas. 

8. Lisa Eldridge (@lisaeldridgemakeup)

With around 1.7 Million followers on Instagram, Lisa Eldridge is a well-known makeup artist, beauty author, and key player in the industry. Lisa has earned a reputation as a reliable source of cosmetics knowledge and inspiration for beauty fans all over the world thanks to her significant experience and creative flair. She has become a well-liked character in the beauty industry because of the audiences’ awe attracted by her approachable and educational videos and tutorials. Lisa is renowned for emphasizing natural beauty and paying close attention to detail; her work exudes class, refinement, and ageless beauty. 

In her videos, where she freely imparts her wealth of knowledge, tips, and tricks, her love for makeup is evident.  Several magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Antidote, Vogue, and Instyle, have showcased her work. 

9. Hyram Yarbo (@hyram)

Hyram Yarbro, also known as Hyram, has revolutionized the skincare industry with his knowledge and love of all things skin-related. As a certified esthetician and skincare expert, Hyram has built a sizable fan base by sharing his expertise, product suggestions, and straightforward skincare advice on numerous social media platforms. 

Hyram imparts knowledge to his audience about products, regimens, and the significance of caring for one’s skin through his charming and approachable style. His writing focuses on dispelling skincare myths, fostering a healthy skin care philosophy, and supporting clean and sustainable beauty practices. 

10. Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons)

She has made a name for herself as a go-to source for trustworthy skincare advice and expertise thanks to her broad knowledge and no-nonsense attitude. Her blog, videos, and social media channels all demonstrate how passionate she is about assisting others in achieving healthy, glowing skin. 

Caroline has a devoted following who rely on her to cut through the noise of the beauty business and offer accurate, science-based information due to her no-filter approach and clear advice. Caroline Hirons is a priceless resource for beauty enthusiasts looking to improve their skin health because of her passion for teaching people to make informed skin care decisions and her advocacy for the significance of good skincare regimens.

Final Word 

The beauty blogging world is full of creative people who share their expertise and enthusiasm to motivate and instruct others. You may access a variety of beauty advice, tutorials, and product recommendations by following these beauty bloggers. These influencers will help you in your quest for beauty, whether you’re looking for skincare recommendations, makeup ideas, or product reviews. 

Discover a world of transforming beauty experiences by immersing yourself in their material and embracing your inner beauty fanatic. Prepare to up your beauty game with the assistance of these amazing beauty bloggers!

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