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Top 5 Musical Instruments That You Can Learn At Home

by Ruchi Jaiswal
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From the enchanting melodies of a violin to the thunderous beats of a drum set, musical instruments have captivated humanity for centuries. These tools of expression transcend language, evoking emotions and telling stories. Join us on a harmonious journey as we explore the world of musical instruments and their timeless allure which connects people

Unlock your musical potential from the comfort of your own home. Dive into the world of melody and rhythm with a range of musical instruments. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these instruments offer endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. Let the music begin!

We are gonna give you the top five instruments that you can have shipped to your house right now and easily learn how to play these instruments at home.


So from smallest to largest, we have the Harmonica. If you learn how to play this really well, you can impress people all day. It’s an awesome instrument and it’s so small it fits into your pocket. Put it on your nightstand, it’s perfect. Another great thing about Harmonica is you stay in the lower register, say one to six, and you don’t play too aggressively.

You can’t really do that much harm or play anything wrong or upset people. It’s not super loud. You can play it on the couch chilling, watching Netflix. You can just hang out and play your harmonica.

One is the Hohner Blues harp. You can get this one for less than 40 bucks. Couple things to be aware of –

  • They do come in different keys.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It is easy to play inside the case for the harmonica.


Number two pick is the Ukulele. Ukuleles come in all different shapes and sizes, different woods, different patterns printed into them, and Ukulele is super fun.

Just like the Harmonica, you can chill on your couch. It’s nice and small. You can relax. You can have ‘The Office’ playing in the background. You can play that all day. They have nylon strings. That’s another great plus. So they’re easy on your fingers. They’re not gonna give you huge calluses and wear you out when you’re trying to learn, and you can just leave it propped up on your couch ready for you.

You grab a cup of coffee, you come in, snatch up music on your ukulele and go nuts. It’s pretty rad.

Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar – Stringed instruments

Number three choice for instrument to have shipped to your house and learn how to play easily at home. Is it an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? Your choice?

Usually if you buy one, you buy the other at some point. Electric guitars do generally have a smaller string gauge shipped on them, so they’ll be a little easier on your fingers. Acoustic guitars have bigger strings on them, so you’re gonna have to work for it a little bit more. It is still a really great instrument to play and not too hard to learn at home.

If you practise, lean it up against the couch. Come in, sit down with your coffee, watch the office and just play. How many chords do you need? Four chords. That’s all you need, and you can play thousands of songs. So acoustic guitar is really great for singers and musicians and songwriters. If you wanna start writing songs, it’s just perfect for that. The benefits of an electric guitar is you have an entire universe of sound open to you.

You can start looking into things like distortion, chorus, delay, reverb, all these great sounds and just inspire yourself. The right sound on an electric guitar can keep you playing for hours. It’s awesome. There are thousands, maybe millions of hours of various recordings and online videos teaching you how to play a guitar, so just pay attention, pick up some lessons and some tips and go for it.

Drum Kit

Number four pick is a drum kit. Specifically we would suggest an electronic drum kit. You can get it shipped to your house. It’s fairly easy to set up and there’s tons of sounds you can create and play around with. There’s training tools like metronomes and little lessons to let you know if you’re hitting at the right time.

So for a beginner, it’s really invaluable and they’re just a lot of fun. And acoustic kits are definitely gonna be more expensive and it’s gonna be more cumbersome to ship to your house unboxed. And it’s gonna be daunting for a new drummer to put up an acoustic drum kit. It’s not impossible. We’ve all done it.

Great thing about the e-kit is you can tuck it into a corner. You can wear headphones and you’re not bugging everybody else in your house or apartment or wherever you live. Drums are a great way to just let out some aggression, some frustration and emotion. It’s kind of like punching a bag.

Being able to take these sticks and pound away at these heads and just go nuts. It makes you feel better, but it’s very satisfying. Once you start getting a couple beats under you, you’ll never wanna stop. So that’s the number four.

Electric Bass

And now number five, which is actually the number one pick, is the ultimate instrument that we think you should order right now and learn how to play as your very first instrument.

The electric bass. Now, why would we suggest you learn how to play an electric bass? You know why? Because there is such demand for quality of bass players. If you wanna learn how to play an instrument and be able to write your own ticket into any garage band, rock band, pop band, blues band, orchestra, subway, busking, trio, whatever, learn how to play a bass.

Everyone in the world wants to be a guitar player. Everyone wants to be a drummer. But I’m telling you, when it comes to finding a bass player, it’s tough. It takes time. It takes Craigslist, it takes strangers coming over to your house, and the great thing is it doesn’t even take a lot of work. If you are even a beginner, rudimentary understanding of how to play a bass, people will come knocking at your door.

And honestly, once you start mastering the bass, you can start playing really cool stuff.

So you can start learning and mastering these techniques that just make you an awesome bass player. 

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