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Wander Women: 10 Solo Female Travel Bloggers

by Brinda Goel
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As a female traveller, setting off on your own can be a transformational and inspiring experience. The world is full of breathtaking locations just waiting to be discovered, and there are countless websites and blogs for single female travellers that provide priceless information, advice, and inspiration. We’ve put together a collection of outstanding resources for single female travellers in this article. 

These blogs and websites will stoke your wanderlust and give you the confidence to go on your own solo travels, whether you’re looking for helpful travel advice, personal experiences, or a sense of community.

1. Adventurous Kate

Image Source: 2url.biz

Adventurer and well-known travel blogger Adventurous Kate, also known as Kate McCulley, has enthralled audiences with her motivating accounts of solo travel. She documents her travels as a daring female traveller through her blog and social media accounts. Kate inspires and empowers other women to leave their comfort zones and set out on their own transformative journeys with a never-ending spirit of adventure. 

Her evocative narratives, helpful advice, and contagious passion generate wanderlust and a desire to discover uncharted territory. Through her blog, Adventurous Kate, Kate McCulley has established herself as a role model for solo travellers, inspiring us to experience the globe through exceptional adventures.

2. Be My Travel Muse

Image Source: Instagram

Kristin Addis is the author of the engaging and motivational travel blog Be My Travel Muse. Through her blog, Kristin shares her own experiences and insightful observations with other solo female travellers who share her enthusiasm for adventure and want to encourage them. Her readers feel as though they are starting the adventure with her thanks to her interesting and sympathetic writing style. 

Be My Travel Muse offers helpful tips, gorgeous pictures, and honest travel accounts while seeing a variety of locations, from off-the-beaten-path jewels to well-known tourist attractions. Readers are moved by Kristin’s candour about her personal anxieties and accomplishments as a lone traveller, which encourages others to leave their comfort zones and open their hearts to the world. 

3. World Of Wanderlust

Image Source: Instagram

A compelling travel blog that takes readers on a global tour is World of Wanderlust. This well-known platform was developed by Brooke Saward and provides a window into her exciting life and wide-ranging travels. The variety of travel advice, suggested vacation spots and insightful articles on World of Wanderlust encourage and equip readers to set out on their own adventures. 

Brooke conveys her passion for discovery, culture, and immersive travel experiences through stunning photography and captivating storytelling. World of Wanderlust has emerged as a go-to source for travellers looking for motivation, useful advice, and a greater comprehension of the world’s various cultures and locations.

4. Inside The Travel Lab 

Image Source: Instagram

The site offers a distinct viewpoint on travel, focusing on immersive experiences, cultural insights, and off-the-beaten-path locations. It was founded by award-winning travel writer and photographer Abigail King. As she discovers the undiscovered wonders of our globe, Abigail encourages readers to enter her world through her elegant and evocative writing. 

Travel stories, useful advice, and thought-provoking comments are artfully woven together in Inside the Travel Lab to arouse wanderlust and ignite a love of discovery. Abigail skillfully takes readers to various locations throughout the world with each post, inspiring them to set out on their own incredible journeys.

5.  Wander With Jo

Image Source: Instagram

Started by Jo, a dedicated traveller with an infectious spirit of discovery, serves as a doorway to stunning locations, undiscovered treasures, and unique experiences. With gorgeous imagery that highlights the beauty of each location, Jo’s narration captures readers as she recounts her own travel experiences. Wander with Jo is a treasury of knowledge and inspiration for other explorers, offering everything from sage travel advice to in-depth trip guides. 

Jo urges readers to embrace cultural immersion and to leave a positive impact on the areas they visit, with a focus on sustainable and responsible travel. Wander with Jo is a must-read for anybody looking to venture off the usual road, whether you’re looking for ideas for your next vacation or simply enjoying armchair travel.

6. Just One Way Ticket

Image Source: Instagram

Sabrina set out on a voyage with no definite return date because she wanted to see the globe on her own terms. She documented her experiences and shared them in her travel journal. “Just One Way Ticket” transports readers to many locations across the world virtually through vivid narration and stunning imagery. Sabrina’s travel journal highlights the diversity and beauty of our globe, from bright cityscapes to awe-inspiring natural wonders to off-the-beaten-path jewels. 

Each time a new entry is published, readers are taken to a different culture where they learn insightful lessons and find inspiration for future journeys. 

7. The Shooting Star

Image Source: Instagram

Shivya Nath’s engaging book “The Shooting Star” transports readers on a transformational journey through the eyes of a young woman who abandons her traditional existence to follow her love of exploration and adventure. In this outstanding book, Shivya describes her adventures as a female traveller travelling alone while seeing the wonders of nature, many civilizations, and significant encounters with other travellers. 

She motivates readers to reject cultural expectations, embrace the unknown, and follow their own passions through her vivid stories. Shivya inspires us to join her in pursuing our goals, finding comfort in nature, and realising the importance of being present in the moment with her honesty and vulnerability. 

8. The Professional Hobo

Image Source: Instagram

Nora Dunn founded the well-known website The Professional Hobo, which presents a distinctive viewpoint on long-term travel and lifestyle planning. Nora is committed to assisting people in redefining their lives and embracing a mobile lifestyle through her blog, books, and coaching services. 

She provides her wealth of expertise on spending less money, travelling more cheaply, and living sustainably as a former financial planner who now travels full-time. Nora motivates her readers to challenge social conventions and live fulfilling lives by sharing personal tales and interesting articles. 

9. Never Ending Footsteps

Image Source: Instagram

A fascinating travel blog that documents Lauren Juliff’s travels is called Never Ending Footsteps. Lauren set off on a life-altering adventure that took her to more than 100 countries with an insatiable desire for exploration and a determination to overcome her fear. She encourages other travellers by posting personal experiences, helpful travel advice, and inspirational stories on her blog. 

Never Ending Footsteps stands out because of its unvarnished candour, which highlights the highs and lows of travel as well as the transforming impact of moving outside one’s comfort zone. Never Ending Footsteps is an absolute must-read for anyone looking for motivation to set out on their own exceptional adventures thanks to Lauren’s contagious excitement and accessible writing.

10. Tales Of A Backpacker

Image Source: Instagram

This site was started by a dedicated traveller and writer, and it is full of fascinating stories, useful travel advice, and stunning pictures that take readers to locations all over the world. Tales of a Backpacker offers a look into the transforming power of travel, from exhilarating hiking expeditions to cultural interactions. 

The blog encourages a deeper knowledge and appreciation of various cultures and environments while also focusing on sustainable and ethical travel. Readers are inspired to embrace the spirit of adventure, push themselves outside of their comfort zones, and set out on their own astonishing adventures of self-discovery by Tales of a Backpacker.

Final Word 

Women who want to travel alone will find solo female travel blogs and websites to be really helpful. Along with offering useful suggestions, they also empower and encourage women to enjoy the independence of travelling alone. These blogs and websites provide a lot of information as well as a sense of community, whether you’re looking for ideas for travel destinations, safety advice, or personal anecdotes from seasoned explorers. 

Then, let these websites and blogs for solo female travellers serve as your guides as you embark on your remarkable adventure of self-discovery and exploration. Travel safely!

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