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Wari Chora – This Hidden Gem of Meghalaya Should Be On Your Bucket List!

by Devanshi Agarwal
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For today’s episode of “Stream Travels India”, I’ll be taking you to the serene village of Wari Chora. Wari Chora, the peaceful village of Meghalaya, is a hidden jewel of peace and natural beauty, nestled among the verdant, lush hills of northeastern India. This enchanted location, isolated from the hectic pace of city life, entices visitors with its immaculate scenery, distinctive culture, and unrivaled tranquility. The pristine beauty of Meghalaya, where time seems to stand still and the rhythmic harmony of nature and tradition is the essence of daily existence, is exemplified by Wari Chora. 

Where is Wari Chora? 

As I previously stated, Wari Chora is a community in Meghalaya’s South Garo Hills that is encircled by verdant forests. The village’s name, Wari Chora, translates to “Deep River” or “A Depression in the River” for the locals. It is the land of the Seven Giant Serpents. The Rongdik River flows from Wari Chora to Jawai Wari through Aginma Wari and then to Emangre joining Simsang River in Siju and eventually entering Bangladesh. 

Known for their unique way of life, the Garo Tribe, who live in the Garo Hills, are skilled hunters and have long understood the medicinal properties of many different plants. The Garo people have a strong bond with the land, and a lengthy history, and Mother Nature is an integral part of their everyday existence, much like all other Indian tribes. 

How to Reach Wari Chora From Shillong? 

Drive time from Shillong to the South Garo Hills is roughly seven hours or 360 km. NH106 is the best route to take a private taxi from Shillong to get there. The Guwahati Airport is the final stop for air travel; from there, visitors can either take a taxi directly to Wari Chora or take a taxi to Shillong, spend the night there, and then continue to Wari Chora, according to the official South Garo Hills website maintained by the Meghalaya Ministry of Tourism. The same holds true for passengers on trains. 

Things to do in Wari Chora? 

For travel enthusiasts, if you’ve ever been to Mawryngkhang: the Bamboo Trek, the Ecology of  Wari Chora is similar! One of the major attractions of this unusual place is the Breathtaking Canyon, and to raft through one of them is like a dream come true. This canyon has been recently discovered by travelers but the tourism infrastructure is gradually coming up. It is difficult to locate Wari Chora if you are not looking for it. It is concealed in the dense jungle of Meghalaya and may remain so until you know where to look. Wari Chora is particularly noteworthy because it is one of the few places in the world of its kind. 

There are lots of things to do in Wari Chora if all you want to do is unwind and take in its natural beauty. This is an easy place to go hiking, camping, and boating. There are also several rivers and waterfalls to explore. 

Place Near Wari Chora?

1. Chibok Dare, Bawe Duragre 

Image Source : Youtube

Located in Williamnagar, this is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the Garo Hills, but there is not enough data facility available at this place, it is recommended to update your network facilities before you hike up here. There is no hustle for the tickets here, it’s open for everybody and it might take around 4 hours to visit the Chibok Dare. One thing the travelers should keep in mind is the condition of the road here- it’s pretty bad! 

2. Re-nang Dare Falls

Image source : Youtube

One of South Garo Hills, Meghalaya’s most exquisite and magnificent waterfalls is Renang Fall. This is the spot you need to go if you want to feel the true delight of being in nature. Sadly, there isn’t a proper means to go to this location. All you’ll have to do is stroll through the forest. It may take ten to thirteen km of hiking through the forest to get to this breathtaking autumn. Please remember to bring the essentials, including a water bottle, backpacks, hiking shoes, food, and so on. Remember to bring your camera, too!

The Best Time to Visit? 

There are hills and deep forests all surrounding Wari Chora. There is modest rainfall and a chilly climate. Winters are delightfully frigid, and summers are hot and muggy. November through February, when temperatures vary from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius and there is little to no rain, is the ideal time of year to explore Wari Chora. 

Wrapping Up : Don’t Miss On This Serene Village

It is evident as we come to the end of our trip through this enchanted place that Wari Chora is more than just a lovely setting—rather, it is a monument to the ongoing harmony between nature and humanity.  In addition to being a destination worth seeing, Wari Chora is an unforgettable experience that serves as a constant reminder that, despite the hectic pace of modern life, there are still places of calm and simplicity where the heart finds a home and the soul finds comfort.

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